Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elliot comes to visit

Elliot and Tiffany came to dinner last night. Elliot reminds me of Peter when he was little. He's strong, fast, and very active and hard to keep up with, believe me, it was a three-man job last night. I know little kids are always into more stuff when it isn't their home turf, so I know he wasn't being naughty. He's very affectionate and sweet. But he's very active. And very fast. Did I mention fast?

I thought this series of pictures would make a good slide show. Tiffany asked me to put Elliot's coat on while she took his things to the car. He was a little frantic because he thought "Mama go bye-bye" without him but Regis and I managed to finally get his coat on. The minute I let him go, he made a bee-line for the door and we had to watch Mama come back from the car. Regis said several times during the evening, "This is why young people have babies, and not old people." And one of the reasons they make wine.

Elliot calls us Nana and Popop like the other little ones do. He points at pictures of Regis and says, "Popop!" So cute.

During one of the calmer moments. we started talking about children's misbehavior and what we did about it and what they remember when they get older. I have a friend whose grown children are convinced she beat them with a hair brush when they were in the back seat of the car on a long trip. I can't believe that happened and Mary laughs when they tell it.

Tiffany remembers being locked in her room for hours when she was little. It might have been three minutes but do I seem like a person who could lock a little girl in her room for hours? It makes me sad to think she thinks so. I told her to remember this when Elliot is grown and telling stories about the things she did to him that never happened.

Peter was over, too, but he was not very communicative. Not like the old Monosyllabic Peter, but not very talkative either. He downloaded a Kindle app to his computer so he can read his books for class there...and on his phone.

I have a Kindle that I have not been overly fond of in spite of all the features. Last week, I downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and was amazed to see there were all the books I have on my Kindle, available for download to my phone. I chose one, wondering about the time it would take. Less than five minutes, I think. Amazing. I won't even articulate all the (probably really dumb) questions running through my mind. I've just accepted that there are lots of things flying through the air, like books, of which I am blissfully unaware.

If you remember, one of my major complaints about the Kindle was that there were no visuals. No book cover to imprint on my mind, the title and author. The Kindle app on my phone has a nice, colored photo of the book cover. Ta da! I love it!

I heard on the radio this weekend (and not sure if this was a joke or not) that there is an app for your phone that rings once in a while to remind you that the device actually is a phone, too, and will make calls. Funny even if it isn't true. Yesterday, I had a couple of revelations about google calendar. Amazing. When I think of all the things I do with my phone, making calls is the least of it. Maybe the future is Radiohead but it's also android phones.

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mom said...

Your brother Bruce tells me I broke a hairbrush on his butt once. I told him I think you deserved to get smacked. I once read one of Billy Grahams' kids telling about the time they were on a trip with their Mom and they were fighting in the back seat. She stopped the car, dragged them to the trunk, stuffed them in and slammed the trunk door.
Poor woman, I think she was responsible for 5 kids while Billy was out saving souls.