Friday, November 05, 2010

another week floats by

It's been a busy week again. A busy fall.

We have yard work to do this weekend, before the city comes to gather up our leaves on Monday. It's a nice service. You pile them on the curb, they come and suck them up with a giant vacuum cleaner. Not a trace when you come home late in the afternoon.

I probably will not get the cannas dug out of the ground before it freezes. That's the problem with those darn things...such a nice idea in the spring and such a pain in the ass in the fall.

I also have mums I didn't get in the ground. Karl is coming to give us a price on a new piece of patio that will take about a hundred square feet of my garden. I didn't want to plant them somewhere that will just be dug up in the spring.

Every day, I change my mind about retiring, then change it back the next day. I will. I won't. I'm afraid of the insurance issues and asked Regis to investigate moving to Poland where they welcome retirees with regular income. They have socialized medicine but I try not to imagine what that looks like. I doubt that two people who hate to fly and don't like to leave home would ever move to Poland, but it's nice to think your medical needs would be taken care of without going broke.

We've been gone so much the last few weeks that the grocery situation in our house is grim. I need to work on a list and get back to cooking. I think I'll bake one of those nice chickens in the freezer this weekend. Make a meat loaf. Bake some bread. Make soup out of the bones I got at Jimmy's shop in Canby.

I haven't read a book in a long time and I haven't been a regular reader in the last two years. I don't know what happened. I had trouble, at first, finding things that appealed to me. I reread books I liked in the past. I tried to read on the kindle but didn't like it. I started a lot of things and never finished them. I got out of the habit. I hope I can get back in the reading habit. I miss it.

I started planning for Thanksgiving this week. In the car on the way to Mom's house, I sent text messages to the kids about the plans, asking them to bring this or that, asking if they were coming. They replied with: You do know it's still a month away, right? I do but I like to plan. Every morning in the bath tub, I make a plan for the day. Today, I'll make a plan for the weekend. I like to know what's coming.

I'm got out the Thanksgiving binder this morning. It has all my recipes and grocery lists and menus. I page through it and remember cornbread and Andouille sausage stuffing. Spicy cranberry dipping sauce. Emerill's chocolate covered peanut butter pie. Pumpkin truffles. I have lists from past Thanksgiving meals...lists of things to do, lists of things to buy, lists of people to invite. Typed lists with penciled notes and things crossed out. My plans.

I'm going to the Pulse in a while. Before the sun comes up this morning. I need to get the party lights out, folks. Bring on the party lights.

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