Saturday, November 27, 2010

aftermath of Thanksgiving and exercise

Regis and I got the most immediate aftermath cleaned up yesterday. I made some turkey stock with the wings, we froze the left-over turkey in small packages, and froze the bread. Too good to throw out, you know. There are dishes all over the table but those will be put away tomorrow. Today is a day for fun.

I went to the Pulse this morning after a two day hiatus. I was beating myself mentally for being a slug lately and worried that I was losing my motivation. I have meticulous records of my exercise going back to August 2008 when I started so when I got home, I dug them out and analyzed the data. Here's what I learned:

September 2009 = 19 times/month with an average 226 minutes/week
September 2010 =  15 times/month with an average 234 minutes/week

October 2009 = 22 times/month with an average 220 minutes/week
October 2010 = 14 times/month with an average 213 minutes/week

November 2009 = 21 times/month with an average 188 minutes/week
November 2010 = 15 times/month with an average 197 minutes/week

Looks like I exercised less times per month this fall but about the same number of minutes per month. So, nothing to worry about, I guess. It's a busy time of year, the start of school and the holidays. Things will pick up in January.

I'm making the transition from one season to another. I don't do a lot of decorating for Christmas but I love winter music, Christmas dishes and linens, and I love Christmas scents. I bought evergreen scented candles yesterday, one of those reed diffuser things, and a tiny light-up snowman.

Betty, Tiffany, Ella and I are going to see the Nutcracker in Mankato on the 12th. Tiffany loved the Nutcracker when she was little and we went several times. I was always fascinated that she was so little but loved a long story with few words. Maybe it's the dancing. Ella, here is the slideshow from last year's performance. Ella has been over to watch the McCauley Culkin version a  couple times and always wants me to read the names of the characters in the credits. The story is always a little different. We have front row seats so it will be fun!

On with the day. We're piddling around this afternoon and celebrating the end of the weekend with dinner at Pappageorge. Enjoy the day, my friends.

Oh, for anyone who is interested in the spoon-hanging picture below....there are spoon hanging tutorials on youtube. LOL Actually, there are tons of them. Here's one.

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