Thursday, October 21, 2010

what i did and what they did about it when they caught me

That's not really the subject of my post this morning but it is the title of a poem by John Engman from his book Temporary Help. I liked it so I borrowed it.

Regis and I are sitting in front of our little Duraflame Ben Franklin stove. We have enjoyed that little stove so much already. We sit here every morning and every at one end of the day and wine at the other. Kramer loved to lay right where the warm air comes out. We miss him often and hear the sound of his nails on the kitchen floor even though we know he's gone.

I got a last brochure regarding the Mankato Marathon this morning. I was distressed to learn that they have something called a Sag Wagon. If you aren't done by 2:15, the sag wagon comes along and picks up your sorry ass and hauls it to the finish line. If I'm not done by 2:15, I will be taking a nap on someone's lawn. Sag wagon. Uff da.

Of course, I imagine something that looks like this being trundled down the streets of Mankato, with the legs of weary runners poking out the sides. I bet it's more like a mini-van, though, but this is much more imaginative.

Regis is my pit crew. I'm not good with details so he has been reading everything and making a plan. What would I do without him? He said he would be my sag wagon and if I need roadside assistance, I should just call him and he'll meet me. With our new phones, he can locate me by my GPS.

We've been enjoying the last grilling days of summer. We cook with charcoal and it gets too hard to keep the temperature up when the weather gets cold. On these cooler afternoons, we stand in leaves up to our ankles and huddle over the fire to stay warm. We made steaks the other night that were so good we licked our fingers like peasants. It was delightful.

We're going to Mankato this morning to do a few things...pick up our favorite coffee at Aldi's, look for some socks that will stay dry on Saturday in the rain (plastic socks?), and check out Halloween stuff at the costume shop.

Check out the party lights poem post below. I added a picture. I better look for some Thanksgiving party's expected of me!

Here we go. Happy weekend!

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