Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Regis cautioned me, gently, the other day to watch myself for signs of big headedness. With all the attention from the half marathon and a couple of very nice things that have happened as a result, he said it is possible to become too full of one's self. To think that a guy is all that, I guess.

I wasn't offended at all because I know he has my very best interests at heart. He has been my greatest supporter and champion and coach through all the days of pre-surgery, weight loss, exercise, and dietary changes. So, when he suggested this to me, I spent a couple days thinking about it. What have I been feeling?

Mostly I feel gratitude for this chance. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the medical expertise of the doctors at the Mayo Clinic for helping me finally beat down the weight monster. I feel grateful to all my friends and family and the online support group I belong to for cheering me on and for holding me up on dark days. I am grateful to Rachel and the other ladies at the Pulse for teaching me that exercise can be a force for good in my life. I even feel grateful to the naysayers, who all along the way, have forced me to examine my motives and to articulate my reasons for making these changes in my life.

I can't find a way to say how touched I am by all of this. Maybe it's part of the gratitude. It's been a wonderful adventure. I will be vigilant regarding the big head, and I will be forever grateful for the chance to do these things I never dreamed I could do.

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jill said...

You deserve the nice things that have come your way, Teresa.