Tuesday, October 19, 2010

that kind of party

Thanks to Bob for sending this poem!

That Kind of Party
Patrick Swaney

I go to the party wearing a strand of lights around my neck
like a scarf. It turns out I’m the only one at this party

wearing lights as a scarf and even though people tell me
I look fabulous I feel self-conscious and regret my decision.

I get drunk because it is a party and tell everyone that these
aren’t my lights, they’re borrowed from a friend. Yes, but

do they work? they ask. If you plug them in, but really
I never wear lights, normally, I try to explain. I’m led

to a corner where I spend the rest of the night against
the wall tethered to an outlet. People love the lights

even more now and the party expands around me.
The lights paint my face a strange color and the few bulbs

that touch skin are painful but people keep bringing me
drinks, clapping me on the shoulder, and complimenting

me on my lights. And I have to remind them that they
aren’t my lights, I only borrowed them from a friend.

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