Saturday, October 09, 2010

taking a cave man on a plane ride

Regis and I have always been pretty cheap about cell phones. We didn't want the latest thing, we wanted the least expensive thing. But we were getting more and more frustrated with our phones, so we splurged and bought the Droid X. Oh, my. This is amazing. Here are some of the things we've discovered:

  • Monday I had no idea what an app was and now I have a bunch of them.
  • Sometimes, information gets in my head and I'm not sure how. Did it come via email or text message? This thing integrates it all so smoothly that it's hard to tell. Well, for me anyway.
  • I opened up the google calendar app which we use on the computer. There, on the phone, is the google calendar with our plans for tonight. How do it know?
I'm sure I will keep adding to the list.

Today, we're going up to Shakopee to meet an old high school friend and her husband. The weather is so weird, though, that I don't know what to wear. I put summer clothes away three weeks ago. What now?

Off to weekend fun.

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