Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday morning

Yesterday we motored up 169 to Dangerfield's. Motored seems like the right word since we left early and took our time. We met Jack and Kathy at 5:00 because we're old coots and we don't like to be out too late or drive in the dark. We sat on the patio, enjoyed a glass of wine, watched the leaves fall in the river. Lovely time.

This picture was taken with the new phone. Jack has a Droid, too, so he and Regis talked phone technology. Jack showed us an app called Bump. He took a picture with his phone, then he and Regis simply bumped their two phones together...and magically the picture went into the other phone. Amazing. This morning, Regis emailed the picture from his phone to my computer.

We're having kids and friends over for burgers on the grill tonight. Easy menu: burgers, roasted vegetables, squash, apple crisp. The birch leaves are thick on the patio so there may not be much patio sitting but it's beautiful. In the sunlight, they look like drops of sun and fire.

I'm putting out my Halloween decorations and the mess always gets worse before it gets better. I love fall and I love Halloween. My friends and family who are so good at remembering me on my birthday, often give me Halloween-related gifts. Such fun. I love getting the orange tubs out and recalling where the stuff came from: The Witch is In sign from Jill, the ghost candle from Joanne, the haunted house from Mom.

This year, we're going to Canby to celebrate my birthday with my mom. Tom and Betty are having the traditional party at their house on Saturday, but on Sunday we'll go to Canby so I can spend my birthday with Mom. It's been a lot of years since I did that and it will be fun.

I am getting up now to prepare for the day. Pictures will be posted later.

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