Saturday, October 30, 2010

quick review of the last week

Ella came over last Sunday to play dress up with me. I have a perfect house for dress up play. I have lots of jewelry, lots of quirky clothes, feather boas and velvet purses, and hats. We had a wonderful time.

Ella is a good subject. She's photogenic and she loves to mug for the camera. So do I and it makes us a good team.

 She wanted to surprise her Popop so we got all dressed up in the bedroom then walked out wrapped in shawls. Surprise!

This is a bad picture of the front door of Madden's Classic Restaurant in Brainerd. I went up to a conference and Regis came along. We had a room at the other resort up there where the rooms remind you of Dirty Dancing and the food is not very good. We always make time to wander over to Madden's where the food is superb and the atmosphere romantic. As always, a wonderful time. We went early so we could watch the fire on the patio. We lingered until dark and enjoyed the fireplace, the twinkling lights, and the mood. Lovely.

Regis took this gorgeous picture of the full moon. I posed it on Facebook but don't think I shared it here. Amazing that you can take a picture like this from your own front yard. It looks like something an astronaut would take out of the window of a space ship.

I feel like the past few weeks have gone so fast and been so busy I haven't even had time to run it through the processor. (The conference I went to was on neuroscience and learning and it was fascinating.) We got back from Brainerd late afternoon yesterday. Returned the school van to its stall in the garage. Picked up flowers sent by old friends in Iowa. Stopped at Patrick's for a glass of wine and to pick up my insurance card that I dropped there last week. Came home to relax. Our bags are still sitting by the front door.

This morning, I'm running in the Halloween Fun Run. Last year's was my first race ever. I always feel funny calling them races because I'm not racing with anyone. I'm just running along scattering flower petals. Like Opus.

This afternoon, Betty and Tom are having their annual Halloween/Birthday bash. They invite all our kids and grandkids and lots of friends. It's always fun. Betty is going to get a hair-do this morning so I wonder if she'll have spider webs again this year! If I can convince Regis to be the photographer, we'll have pictures!

Tomorrow we journey to Canby to spend my birthday with my mom. She likes to dress up and pass out candy, too. I'm sure a glass of wine will be consumed. We'll have a good time.

I wonder if I am remembering to do the necessary things like pay bills and take out the trash.

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