Friday, October 08, 2010

my brain filter

I try to have a brain filter, a good one. I use it for this:

  • To not pay attention to things that are not my business
  • To ignore things I can't do anything about
  • To identify problems that don't have solutions
  • To find the simple do-able parts of complex problems
  • To separate the drama from the real issues
  • To ignore things I don't need to know about like stuff on the news
It makes life a little easier.

The weather has been absolutely breath-taking. We've cooked on the grill a couple times this week and one night even ate on the patio as it was too gorgeous to come inside. We made stuffed peppers and I had mine with a nice glass of malbec. Oh, my. Delicious. Last night, Regis cooked steak and a couple pieces of fish, halibut and salmon. Another feast.

It's Friday. Made it through another week.

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