Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's 4 a.m. and i am awake

I can't seem to stop waking up at 4 a.m. I don't mind it as I'm a lot more productive at 4 a.m. than I am at 5 p.m. but the rest of the world is not really set up to deal with an early riser. You can't make phone calls or visit people or go shopping at 4 a.m. Regis is able to sleep longer some days so I don't like to bang around in the kitchen too much either. Today, he is awake too, so we sit in front of our little fireplace, drinking coffee and ruminating about the days behind and the days ahead.

Today, we're going to spend my birthday with Mom. I have a box of red wine, some costume things, and a squash to take along. Squash might seem like a funny thing to take but it's a lesson from my Aunt Vi...always take something edible. I don't remember her ever coming without a box of flatbread or a package of lefse or some apple bars. Later this afternoon, we'll get dressed up to pass out candy to the little kids. Some of them are so cute it brings tears to your eyes. I love Halloween.

We had a nice time last night but four little kids sure change the dynamic of a party. Last year the little boys just sat in one place and we pretty much just sat and admired them. This year they chase the dogs, pick up all the breakable stuff, try to drink your wine, and head for the nearest stairs. It was fun to get them together, though: Ella (almost 5), Alex and Elliot (almost 2), and Gabe (just turned 1). We heard "mine" a few times as Alex and Elliot decided whose ball was whose. They take a lot of energy those little ones so it's a good thing babies are born to young people.

We're taking a leisurely trip to Canby today. Nobody does leisure better than we do, believe me. We'll go down the road and stop for breakfast and maybe take some pictures along the way. We have a spot in New Ulm we like to have lunch so that will be a stop tomorrow. We don't take big trips but we sure enjoy the little trips we take.

Happy Halloween, friends. Be safe but be sure to have fun!

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