Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a guest post by my friend bob bergstrom

Bob sent this by email the other day and I thought it was so funny, I asked if I could post it here. So, with his permission:

On Saturday -- fueled mostly by the guilt of seeing that the elderly neighbors to our west had hired the family to their west to cut, rake, and mulch their yard -- I spent many hours doing the same to the part of our property that adjoins theirs and then, despite the fact that we have a lawn service from Little Falls that comes each fall and spring to do the complete clean-up, I kept moving across the yard until the piles of leaves were so deep that I was no longer visible and could only be found at dusk by Marilyn because she followed the sound of my whimpering and there, having little or no mercy because, after all, Yellowjacket Lawn Service could be here any day, or no understanding of how far guilt can drive me, she merely tied one end of a piece of twine to my foot and the other to the front door knob and said, "Follow the string when you're ready to come in." Well, OK, most of that's not true, but guilt did send me out and I did clean up some of our front yard, which looked pretty good until Sunday when all the leaves came back.

That's my kind of yard work. My anal retentive neighbor has been in his yard for an hour with a gas-powered blower. I have closed every window in the house but it's still like sand paper on my nerves so I retreated to the back office with a glass of wine and piece of string cheese. A person should not have to listen to that after working in EBD facilities all day. I'm sure there is a law.

Thanks, Bob!

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