Tuesday, October 12, 2010

early tuesday and a tribute to rachel

I woke up at 2 and finally got out of bed at 3:30. Good grief is all I can say to that. We had conferences last night so I think it was a combination of over-stimulation and being out of my routine. When I got home, Regis and I had a glass of wine and some cheese while we visited about the day. It just wasn't enough time to cruise into sleep mode.

I'm going to the Pulse at 5:00 to run seven miles. I've been lacking the running mojo lately. Just out of my groove since school started. I did a nine mile run once but that was the longest and that was three weeks ago. The half marathon is coming up in a few weeks and I'm not sure what possessed me to sign up for it. Peer pressure I guess. Even at my age...we're vulnerable.

I've examined all the reasons why I might be slacking in the exercise department. I have blamed the half marathon. I'm a little oppositional at heart (still an adolescent, Amanda!) and when I feel like I have to do something, suddenly I don't want to do it even if it's something I chose. I have blamed the start of the school year and my inability to balance all the things in my life. I have blamed my natural tendency toward waddlesome slothfulhood.

I think the truth is that this is a hard thing and it takes continued dedication to get up every morning and do it. I just got lazy. It has been hard to balance everything but there's an answer to that...make this a priority again. I can do that half marathon because I'm not really concerned about my time. I'd rather not be there as they're picking up the orange cones, but if that happens, so be it.

For most of my conscious history, I have thought of myself as non-active. I didn't exercise and I would drive around a parking lot several times to get a spot close to the door. I never stood when I could sit. I had one speed, slow.

I like this so much better. My joints don't ache. I can do things I could never do before like run and jump and carry things. I can perform feats of derring-do (I checked the dictionary for the spelling) in bars.

Saturday night, we met some friends at a restaurant down the road. I had a glass of wine with dinner (only by way of explanation for those of you who might jump to the conclusion that I had over-consumed) and we went into the bar for an after-dinner drink. We sat on bar stools at a tall table. I had on heels of a height I have never worn in my life and sat with them hooked over the rung of the chair. Kathy said, "Lean over for a picture with Jack and Regis!" As I leaned, I lost my balance. I was tipping, the table was wobbling, coffee and wine and sodas were sloshing out of their cups. Regis jumped off his chair to assist. I reached over and grabbed the railing that was about shoulder-height...and pulled myself upright. This would not have been possible in my pre-workout days. Disaster averted. A few splashed drinks but no broken bones. Ta da!

On to Tuesday, my friends. Make it a good one.

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