Saturday, September 18, 2010

why i hate the news

These were the headlines in the online Tribune this morning:

I need to know any of this? This is not news. This is national enquirer stuff that nobody needs to know. The only reason I would want to know any of this is if the convict in the porn case is on his way down my street and intends to make me look at the porn. Then I would want to get off the patio and into the house and lock the door. I believe in "need to know" and I don't need to know this shit.

Yesterday the students in one of our schools were making a huge deal about some breast cancer bracelets bearing the slogan: I love boobies. Of course this appeals to kids but they had seen on television that some schools were banning them so they wanted to force our hand. Big deal. I love boobies.

That's my only cranky comment today.

This is really odd. When I run, the only thing that gets sore is my shoulders. All they do is hold up my arms and that doesn't seem like such a big deal.

Isn't google the best? I just put in the words "sore shoulders after running" and got more than two million hits. What did we do before google? Regis thinks we looked things up the old-fashioned way but I think we more than likely forgot the question before we ever got to a book to find it.

The lady who cleans our house loves our dog. She raises dogs and loves all of them, but Kramer especially. She always has a treat for him in her pocket when she comes. He gets so excited to see her and yesterday, with his bad legs, he started slipping around on the kitchen floor. She started to cry. I don't know what's sadder, Kramer getting old and feeble or Jan crying.

I'm almost done with the book about FLW. It's taken me a month to read not so much because it's bad but it just isn't very compelling. I think I need to abandon the Kindle, too. I just can't deal with the books with no covers. I don't know what's on there and I don't know what I've read. I like the pile of books beside the bed. With covers and authors names.

I'm hungry for Mexican food today so we're either going to Mazatlan for dinner or I'll make flank steak fajitas on the grill. Making the fajitas at home would probably be the better idea since we have a ton of tomatoes and cilantro from the garden. We'll see how ambitious I am.

Have a great Saturday, my friends.


Karen1 said...

I confess: I do not watch the news and I do not read it. I'm evn on a mission to change the tv in the breakroom at work so I don't have to be assaulted with some horrific story when I go for water.

CMD (from BE) said...

I'm with you on real books. I will take one over my Kindle any day. I love the feel and sound of library books too. My mind starts to drool at the crinkling sound when you open a library book.