Monday, September 27, 2010

the way to get into town is by boat

Our town is experiencing flooding again. I don't know if this is historic proportions but I've never seen it like this. Both lanes of 169 are closed, 22 is closed to the south, and 99 is closed to the east. It's a mess. Bob and Emily have lost the use of their basement and water is pouring in through the cracks in the walls. The pictures are of 169 and you can see that both lanes are completely covered. Water is lapping at the edge of the McDonald's parking lot. While Regis and I stood looking and taking pictures, some jackass in a big pickup roared across the street and sprayed water for fifty feet. I swear, if he had gotten us wet, there would have been trouble.

 I took today off and did exactly what I planned to do. I did nothing this morning, Regis and I took a drive this afternoon to survey the flood waters, and we stopped for a burger at Guenther's in Mankato. If you have been around here for a while, you might remember a place called Hamburger Heaven. This is it, reopened. Great burgers, onion rings made famous by the Junction Inn, and malts made with real ice cream in metal cups. Highly recommend but don't go at lunch time. The waitress said people are lined up to get a place to sit. It's a tiny place with three booths, a few seats at the counter, and maybe seating for 12-15 at tables.

I made a meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and squash for dinner. If that isn't fall food, I don't know what is. I tried Alton Brown's technique...making a free form meat loaf and cooking it on a broiler pan so the grease can drip down. We're sure enjoying the meat got from Mike the Meat Man. We're having one of Mike's chickens tomorrow night for dinner.

I thought I was signed up to run Women Run the Cities on Sunday, a ten-mile race. Friday, Rachel said they hadn't received an email about me but I was sure I had the confirmation email at home so I checked. Nope. I remembered then, that the day I tried to register, the website had been goofy so I intended to go back later. Here's what I have: strong legs and a dumb head. No registration. Event closed. Rachel offered to register for the 5K and I could run her 10 mile. Regis commented that she might now want my time associated with her name so I consider it a kindness that she offered. Next time, I guess.

It has been a busy weekend and a busy Monday. Off to bed to finish another book about Frank Lloyd Wright. Please don't let me read any more books about FLW or Henry the VIII.

Good night and happy Tuesday.

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