Thursday, September 02, 2010

first week of the school year

Even though I have what is referred to as an extended contract and work most of June and August, the first official week of the school year is a killer. We had our district day on Monday...ll teachers gathered in the theater for the inspirational speeches and power points of district goals and bad financial news. It isn't too painful but it is way over-stimulating. Some of those folks I have only seen once a year for the thirty years I've worked here. It's a struggle to remember their names. That is task enough, let alone concentrating on PLC goals and AYP results.

So, we have only eaten out once this week which is an improvement over some years when I can hardly find my way home in the afternoon much less round up the gumption to cook a meal. Last night we had stuffed peppers, our new favorite summer meal. I should have taken a picture of them on the grill...they're beautiful. Here's a few pictures from our evening.

Roasted vegetables

Pico de gallo with fresh tomatoes still warm from the sun

There was a dearth of good coffee (considered a sin in the Lutheran Church) at the school yesterday. The pot they served at break tasted like it had been made with radishes and tree bark. Seriously nasty and undrinkable. When I got to my school, someone had made a pot with Folgers kept in the refrigerator all summer. Mortal sin in the Lutheran Church. So, today I am bringing my own, which I usually do. Bad coffee is like non-alcohol beer. What is the point?

We had a wonderful thunderstorm that started about 3 this morning. Rolling thunder and cracks of lightening. It also brought a nice fresh breeze. I was in a wakeful period so I heard a lot of it. Then I was too tired to get up at 4 and exercise so my routine is disrupted today. Scream.

Have a good day, my friends. If you can read this, thank a teacher.


Jill said...

I guess I'll thank Jenny Anderson for the fact that I can read your blog. Wow, that was a long time ago, with lavender haired, portly Mrs. Anderson.

karen from be said...

I have to thank Miss Coffee. 41 years ago. She'll be in her 70's now - but she should get credit for saving my life by teaching me to read.