Tuesday, September 07, 2010

first day of school blues

You'd think I was back in kindergarten. I've hardly slept for two nights worrying about school and other life trials and tribulations. No matter how much work you do in August, the week before school starts and the first day of school are just shit-hitting-the-fan fun. At least I've learned to control my BP which is more than I can say for some people who seem to think that every damn little thing is cause for wing flapping and shrieking.

Here are just some of the first day of school emergencies:

  • A carpet not cleaned properly
  • Rust marks on the carpet
  • Rusty (really rusty) legs on the desks
  • Two toilets not replaced
  • Lack of job descriptions (this is probably the biggest deal)
  • Bus issues as in the bus can't come at the time we want it to
  • Papers unsigned
  • Kids going here instead of there

People should know that once you go home and make a pot of chicken soup and pour a glass of wine, all of this recedes into the realm of "it doesn't matter" or the gray clouds of vagery (an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestation, action, or notion). There you go and ah, well.

Regis and I are doing our usual early evening laptop gazing and wine sipping. He had class today and that's always a little stress provoking, especially in the early days of the semester.

I'm in the middle of a book I'm tired of reading. I won't say the name in case it's your favorite book. I'm really weary of reading about this dude's love life so I might just do another book abandonment. I've done a lot of that lately. I know some people have rules against it but not me.

Regis looked at bug spray at the man mall yesterday with the intent of buying some. We have a monster spider who lives in the space between the kitchen window and the screen. Jan has cleaned it out three times and within a day, the spider is back and the web is bigger than ever. He's so persistent that I hate to just kill him. I suggested we scoop him up in a paper towel and transport him to the woods at the edge of the yard. Regis thought that was ridiculous so we're at a stand-off. The spider survives.

Over the weekend, I rescued two other bugs. One was a tiny spider who almost washed down the bathtub drain. I thought he was a goner but then I saw him floating in the water so I scooped him out and set him to dry on a can of hairspray. Before I got out of the tub, his little legs must have dried out because he was gone.

The other bug was a moth who almost went down the kitchen sink drain. He was a tough one. I had to rescue him twice because he kept flapping around and going back down the drain. I encouraged him (with a paper towel) to migrate to the sidewalk in the back of the house. Weird. I know.

Our little dog Kramer is having some (read: potentially fatal) problems with his back legs. Last time Regis took him to the vet, she said that it looked like a nerve problem in his back that was impacting his legs. He doesn't have much control over his left rear leg so it's hard for him to navigate on the linoleum. He makes it onto the couch most to the time but she warned against jumping...we just don't know how to make him stop aside from turning the furniture over which would be inconvenient for the humans. We've tried chondroitin and fish oil and all the other home remedies. He isn't in pain and he still eats and drinks and plays so he's fine for now. Sad to see your little pet go downhill.

We're looking forward to the Rock Bend Folk Festival this weekend. We drag a couple lawn chairs down to the park and hang out with our hippie friends for a while. It's great fun. They sell all kinds of fried food and beer and wine and crafts of the jewelry and tie-dye variety. What a hoot.

On Tuesday nights we listen to Bruce Davis's folk music program on KMSU. Tonight he's playing music by the folks who are coming to the festival. We send each other email reminders so we don't forget about it. Yes, this is what happens when you get old. You have to send yourself an email reminder. What did old people do before email and voice mail? Post-it notes?


Anonymous said...

A spider bit me on the cheek last night or at least I think it was a spider. My cheek is red and inflamed so I am not in favor of saving spiders. Let the damn things go down the drain. Mom

Jill said...

Have the blues gone away? Wine is a good blues remover, so I'm expecting so.

Karen from BE said...

I thought I was the only person who saved bugs. I'm still upset about the cricket two weekends ago that I was unable to save from the killer chemicals I was using and it came back in before I could stop it.
For your dog - have you tried the food with the glucosomine and chondrontin (can't spell) in it? Our dogs have used that for years and it really helped them - they have had arthritis since they were only a year old.
I totally believe in book abandonment. Fred thinks this is rude and a waste of good book money, but I'd rather waste the money than my LIFE reading a book that doesn't entertain, inspire or inform!