Friday, September 10, 2010

door project derailed

A guy came to measure for our new door. We had measured, but if he was installing it, he wanted to make sure it fit.

Then he did a scratch test for lead paint. Our house was built before 1978 so he said it was likely there was lead paint.

Positive for lead paint. Now, here's the deal.

The installation charge goes up by several hundred dollars. That will make it $500-600.

He has to cover the entire living room with 6ml plastic sheeting. He has to cover the outdoor area for 10 feet outside of the door with 6ml plastic sheeting. He has to string caution tape around an area twenty feet outside of that.

The furnace (if it is on) has to be shut off and the vents in the house covered.

Small children and pets would not be allowed to eat any of the paint chips.

We would have to get a permit to install the door. When we get the permit, they will ask who is installing the door. If we are paying someone, they will ask if the person is lead certified.

If an uncertified person puts in the door (for money) they can be fined $32,000 by the EPA. Or apparently arrested by the door police.

I sent this guy away. He was very nice but this is madness.

We paid 50 dollars for the lead test and the measuring but he can't measure once he knows there's lead because then he would have to go through the above steps.

I said it wasn't so much the money but the rest of this craziness. I'll install the damn door with a table knife and a wooden shoe. I assembled a bicycle once with only those tools.

The result is that more and more doors and windows will be installed by amateurs. Lead paint will be everywhere. Small children and pets will be lined up to eat lead paint chips.

Can you imagine the lead dust blowing around this town after the tornado?

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Jill said...

Your government (and mine) at work for you (and for me) at your expense (and mine). What a bunch of b.s. I suppose of you'd remove your current door and expose your home to the elements, there'd be a fee for that, too. Holy nanny culture, Batman.