Friday, September 17, 2010

the color of sweet and good grief

Two of my off-spring asked me to procure books for them this week. Tiffany needed The Color of Water by James McBride and Peter needed Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston. I love to read and tried to encourage them to love reading but I've always felt I was only partially successful at that. These books were not hard to find so they didn't really need me to do it...but it was nice to be part of the transaction anyway.

A friend of mine who left the district, gave me her tall director's chair in a lovely leopard print. It was kind of tough to track it down but yesterday Bev, who brings our school mail, delivered it. So much fun to sit on!

I have so many things to do in the house all of a sudden. It's into fall and I haven't gotten out my fall stuff. I love my little leaf dishes and the fall table cloth and the pumpkins. Maybe tomorrow. One of the things I look forward to in retirement is the slowing down of this season. The start of the school year is so busy that it seems like you blink and it's Thanksgiving. I'd like to be able to enjoy fall...really enjoy it. I hope this isn't something I think will happen but won't.

When people feel the pinch of time and resources, I've noticed that they get a little cranky. Sometimes about really dumb stuff. Like how many toilets we have or are going to get and where the new ones should go. All I can say to that is:

Go take a walk and kick a few leaves. Get over yourself. Let it go. Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit in the sun. Listen to the wind in the birch tree. Watch the chickadees on the peanut ball. Who cares about the flippin' toilets. If you have one and most of the time it works, be happy about it and go about your day.

I've been listening to a new podcast called The Moth; true stories told live without notes. Here's what the website says about The Moth:

The Moth, a not-for-profit storytelling organization, was founded in New York in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate in New York the feeling of sultry summer evenings on his native St. Simon's Island, Georgia, where he and a small circle of friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales on his friend Wanda's porch. After moving to New York, George missed the sense of connection he had felt sharing stories with his friends back home, and he decided to invite a few friends over to his New York apartment to tell and hear stories. Thus the first "Moth" evening took place in his living room. Word of these captivating story nights quickly spread, and The Moth moved to bigger venues in New York. Today, The Moth conducts eight ongoing programs and has brought more than 3,000 live stories to over 100,000 audience members.

I subscribe to it through iTunes so it automatically downloads when I open iTunes. Somehow it gets sucked into my iPod so I can listen to it while I walk or run. I have no idea how this really happens. 

Another thing about which I really do not have much of a clue is the little RSS symbol on the top right. Bob was telling me about it last week but I lost interest when it started to sound like Phoenician. Then a friend of mine from a message board suggested that I have an RSS feed. I stumbled around in cyber space until this little thing appeared on my blog. Karen says I did it right and now my blog gets sucked into her email inbox. Amazing stuff.

I envision a system someday that will operate much like the mysterious way Lutheran ministers get called to a parish. It just happens and they know. You won't have to really ever DO anything. Things like your banking and bill paying and package sending will be initiated by your thoughts and we'll sit like amorphous blobs, just reviewing the end results. Ha!

Anyway, check out The Moth. Great stories told by real people.

Two projects I need to finish up this weekend: another wine trip. This one is an over-nighter to Rochester with a few stops at vineyards along the way. I just have to iron out the details on this one.

Our friends Bob and Marilyn are coming to St. Peter the first weekend in November to do a program of poetry and love songs. Vickie is going to host at her home so we're putting the finishing touches on the plans. Mom, can you come? Bob and Marilyn, there are lots of things going on behind the scenes! I'll send an email this weekend to fill you in on our planning. We're looking forward to it!

Here we go. It's 4:30 a.m. on Friday morning. I'm going to the Pulse to run five miles. Then I'm having coffee with Joanne at Waldo's. If we work up the courage, we'll go to work. Happy weekend, friends!

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