Monday, September 06, 2010

buying a new door

I hate picking out stuff like this. There are too many options. These are the things I had to decide:

  • steel or fiberglass
  • window or no window
  • color of metal in the window
  • color of the door
  • color of the hinges
  • type of door knob and lockset
  • color of door knob and lockset
  • type of storm door
  • color of storm door

You can see this is a nightmare. It took me all of about five minutes and mostly we asked the dude what he would pick. He's the door professional, right?

Here's the kind of door we yearn for...because it looks like something that would be at the bottom of an oak tree in a forest and gnomes would come out of it but really it's a massive solid oak door that you would find on the front of some rich person's mansion. The picture is just tiny. If we put this on our house, we'd have to gut two rooms. Who buys this stuff? Really.

So, we bought some kind of door (fiberglass) with a window (oval) in a prepainted color (red) with a knob (brushed silver). Some guy will come and put it in after they do the lead paint test. If we have lead paint anywhere, the consequences are dire. Picture the scene from ET where the men in suits come to investigate. It would be like that, I'm sure.

Honor Labor Day! Here's to all our hard-working friends and neighbors and family.

Happy birthday to Vickie and Tom!

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Jill said...

Why do you have to be tested for lead paint to have a door installed? Do they test your toenail polish, too? At least that's easy to remove. Really, a lead test??