Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stormy weather

We have some impending bad weather. When I came out of the Pulse at 6:30, the sky looked ominous. I've been checking the radar and it looks the storm is almost upon us so I took the garbage down to the curb. I hate storms and I especially hate them if I have to be away from home. Joanne was picking me up at 8:30 so we could have a breakfast meeting. She is as big a weather wienie as I am so we may postpone.


Joanne said...

I prefer to think of myself as "weather cautious" rather than a "weather weinie". Intelligent people make choices out of past experiences and my experience tells me that clouds that look like that bring bad stuff with them.

Joanne said...

And, by the way, that Rule of 90 widget is making me crazy!! I am just not going to look at it any more when I read your blog. You can't retire until I have come to terms with you leaving me, and that might be a while.

Jill said...

Joanne, thanks for pointing out the widget. Has it been there for years and I've missed it?? In any case, it's a clever use of a widget. I never got to count to the rule of 90, having spent so much of my early career as a part-timer. I'll have to figure out how old I'd be at retirement if I had to go to the rule. Oh lordy.