Sunday, August 29, 2010

it's about going home

We left Friday for Canby and a reunion weekend for the Class of 1970. I've been to most of my class reunions, I think, but never enjoyed one as much as this one. Regis took hundreds of pictures which I won't share here because unless you're in them, you won't care. It's all well-documented, though...the dining, the dancing, the drinking of wine.

I have the reunion booklet in front of me here on my desk. It's full of updates from classmates that attended and many who didn't. It's nice to read about their lives now and see where they're living. Rolf, the reunion organizer, is famous (or infamous) for his slideshows. One he did last night was a collection of family photos...lots of kids and grandkids and even a few great grandkids. The circle of life. I almost got a little weepy.

Penciled on the front of my booklet are several phone numbers and email addresses for people we'll connect with before the next reunion. Kevin's wife works in St. Peter three days a week so we'll have her over for dinner on the patio. Jerome and Nancy said we should call them next time we're in town and we will. Bruce said to email so we can talk about writing. I might do that.

We ended the evening at a table with a group of people, none of whom were close friends when we went to high school, but we sure had a good time together last night. We danced and laughed and told stories and had a grand time. I've heard that some people won't go to reunions because their classmates are cliquey or snobby or something. I sure haven't found that to be true. The folks at this reunion were so happy to see each other again. People grow up and change and still....that common history.

At one point in the weekend, I was telling Regis a story and I said, "I brought it home". We were sitting in my mom's living room so he asked if I meant THIS home or our St. Peter home. I said I meant this home. He said that I hadn't grown up in the house where my mom lives now and I haven't lived in Canby for forty years. Interesting that I would call it home still. I said where my mom is will always be home. And as I think about this reunion, where my childhood pals are will always be my home.

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Karen1 said...

I love this. The last paragraph was just beautiful. And the reunion sounds awesome!