Saturday, August 14, 2010

early morning

I just read the Caring Bridge site of Nicki Rikkard, my mom's friend who died of melanoma a week or so ago at age 44. It's hard to write after that. Nicki's sister Sara has written the last few months as Nicki was unable to and she is a wonderful writer. It's a poignant read.

Regis and I have been reflecting on our summer and it was a grand one. We've had a lot of grill and patio time even with the bugs, we've seen some movies, had a nice long weekend visit with Mom, had the kids over for dinner a lot, made some interesting meals for friends, and we've enjoyed each other's company. Who could ask for more?

I spent all day yesterday at the district data retreat, usually the meeting I dread the most because of the tendency for numbers in my presence to float up off the page and drift around my head. This one wasn't bad though and I could almost say it was energizing to make a connection between the data and what we should do about it. That's a scary thought coming from my head.

We had a trip to the county fair (3 blocks down the street so hardly a "trip") planned for Thursday but the heat index was a hundred degrees and I really didn't want to spend any time in a pig barn it that kind of heat. Jane says county fairs are hell with corn dogs. Or is it me that says that? Sometimes it's good to have a bad memory because you can take credit for clever things you didn't make up yourself.

Does anybody else think this is funny or is it just me? A JetBlue flight attendant got fed up this week and after a curse-filled announcement over the plane's PA system, grabbed a beer, engaged the emergency exit slide and slid down to a new career somewhere else. I know, I know...rules and public safety and all of that. It just seems like such a grand hissy fit.

I told Regis about my annoyance with Facebook. I enjoy reading the posts of people who post like I do...what they're making for dinner, movies they saw and liked, brief book reviews, comments on the weather. I don't like Farmville or Mafia Wars or gifts of heart. I don't like public arguments. I also get annoyed when people read it all the time (and how do I know this, you might ask?) and never post anything themselves. It seems like voyeurism. They peep on my life but never allow me to peep on theirs. And extreme self-centeredness on my part...Facebook, a world-wide social network, should function as I want it to function. Ah, well.

Good morning, friends. Get up with the sun and enjoy the day.


Your grumpy friend Jill said...

Oh-oh. You'll have to be annoyed with my about my Facebook use/non-use, Teresa. I have no idea why I read it. I find it to be trivial for the most part, but because it's there, I take a look most days. Food and movie reviews are fine and interesting, but when I lot on and read a page or so, I have to quit from boredom because I really don't care if someone is off to the lake for the weekend or is going to a bar tonight. I'm a grump tonight I know, but the one-liner/bumper sticker form of writing on F-book is rarely thought-provoking and usually meaningless.

If I'd put an entry on Facebook tonight it would have said, "I'm sick and tired of being hot." Now I ask you, is there ANYONE in this part of Minnesota who ISN'T sick and tired of being hot?

There. Done with that rant!

Teresa Saum said...

You aren't grumpy! You should see what I hide on FB! What I don't get is how I have to look at all the things other people comment about on the pages of people I don't even know. They should have a setting where you could check that you only want to read the things you find interesting. Perfect, huh?