Friday, August 06, 2010

the blog

One of my favorite blogs is Sweet Juniper. In his current post, he writes about being a navelgazing windbag whose blog is a performance. He writes it much better than I could (without plagiarism, that is) but his point is that writing a blog, while maybe not all that fascinating for the rest of you, is a source of endless interest to him. And to me.

I write posts in my head and some of them make it here and plenty do not. It's changed the way I see my days. I notice things I wouldn't notice if I didn't think about writing them down. Things seem more interesting when I can translate them into words. Sometimes I do things only because it will be fun to write about them.

On the spin bike this morning, I read Outside magazine. These are not the kinds of interesting things I do: climbing mountains, diving in underwater caves, hiking in the Amazon. My life is way more mundane and well, safe. My idea of things to do are more in the realm of making basil pesto or going for a walk in a tank top which I did yesterday and never have done before in my life. Fashion adventure. Ha! I should start a magazine. I could call it Inside.

Having mostly decided that I will retire next summer has started a mini-avalanche of thoughts and plans. Yesterday, I saw a retired teacher riding his bike and thought, "Next summer, that will be me". I won't be worried about going back to school. Will I be worried about NOT going back to school? It's a good thing a guy has a long time to ponder this as I can see it is a complex issue.

Regis is going to put all the related financial information on a spreadsheet so we can study it before making a final decision. We don't have piles of excess money laying around (I know, hard to believe after a career in education.) so we don't want to whack ourselves on the forehead in three months because we didn't think of THAT.

Ella and Alex came to dinner last night. They liked the new picnic table but Ella mostly liked my lap. Her mom says that in a couple years, she will have to grow out of the need for a lap but I hope not. We made plans for a girl's day next week so we can do make-up, read books, cook, and maybe walk to the pool. Alex is a hoot now and so busy exploring. Dinner was later than he is used to so he walked around with a sad face doing the sign for hungry. It was pitiful. Poor baby. Oh, the grown-ups had fun, too.

We're having friends for dinner tonight so I have some cooking to do today. Enjoy having your windows and doors open, folks. Tomorrow this ends!

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