Sunday, August 08, 2010

august sunday

The last week was a nice one. The bugs have finally taken off so we were on the patio a lot, we had some nice evenings with friends, we did some good cooking, and we got one home improvement project done.

Yesterday, I bought a bunch of frames and spend the afternoon putting family pictures in them. Regis helped me hang them. Since there were so many and they were different sizes, we had to measure carefully and lay them out like they would be on the wall. This involved: a level, a tape measure, a big hammer, and a pen. I only mention the hammer because I used to hang pictures by pounding nails in with a wooden clog. By the end of the project, we were kind of eye-balling things and doing the best we could.

We're not so big on home improvement projects. Only if we can afford to hire someone to do it are we interested. There are too many steps for me. You can't do just one thing without layers of home improvement coming into play. If you replace the curtains, then you have to paint.

And in this project, now there are so many ink marks on the wall from picture placement that the wall needs to be painted. I did pick up some color samples at the hardware store.

We're going to see the movie Inception this afternoon. This is from Roger Ebert's review: Like the hero of that film, the viewer of "Inception" is adrift in time and experience. We can never even be quite sure what the relationship between dream time and real time is. The hero explains that you can never remember the beginning of a dream, and that dreams that seem to cover hours may only last a short time. Yes, but you don't know that when you’re dreaming. And what if you're inside another man's dream? How does your dream time synch with his? What do you really know? It sounds like the first (and only) day I spent in a philosophy class in college. Too weird for me.

I better get off my chair and do something. More later, I am sure.

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