Friday, July 30, 2010

wedding discovery

Regis is doing a wedding this weekend for some young kids who are friends of Regis and Bob. They live about four blocks away from us down on Broadway. At the rehearsal tonight, we met the mother of the groom who talked about a dog they had named Buddy. Tick tick tick...and suddenly we put it together: Buddy Voss!

When we first moved into this neighborhood, Buddy was infamous. He was a huge yellow lab with a reputation for escaping his yard like Houdini. He would come down to our house on a regular basis, leap over our fence in the back yard, and drive our dogs insane. He was tall enough to look into our windows and leave elephant sized piles of poop on the tops of our shrubs. Buddy was captured so many times by the canine cops that eventually he learned to trot right to the dog pound when he was hungry and tired of running. Kind of like Otis in Mayberry checking himself into the jail.

The wedding is at the Kato Ballroom although I think it calls itself an entertainment center now. This is from the internet:
The Kato Ballroom opened its doors back in the early 1950s around the advent of rock and roll. Before long the Kato established itself as a Mankato hotspot hosting legends like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and even Louis Armstrong. Not much has changed at the Kato Ballroom over the past 50 years. The pink neon sign perched on op of the building is the same. So is the stage with its red velvet curtain and the giant wooden dance floor.

Regis and I both experienced this weird metallic taste tonight. After some internet investigation, we've discovered a likely cause is the pine nuts I put in the basil pesto. I've never bought them before and I think next time, I'll use walnuts instead.

Well, that's enough of my soap opera for today.

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mom said...

I love your owls. Are they asking a question? What is up with you, Teresa?