Saturday, July 24, 2010

that was some great thunder and lightening

We slept with the bedroom curtains open so we could watch the light show last night. Not much rain came out of it but it was a spectacular show for a while. I had a restless night...dreams, worries, those gray-faced guys marching around the bed. You know the ones.

I ran three miles this morning. I can't do it without stopping and Rachel tells me I have to quit doing that...stopping, that is. There isn't a good reason for head just says to stop and I've been lucky enough to always run with people who let me do it. I plugged my iPod thing in and I ran almost a hundred miles since the end of April. I know, not halfway around the globe or anything but still a miracle. As I read yesterday, the miracle is not that I finished but that I started.

My neighbors are out running their machines already this morning. One a lawn mower and the other a power washer. We really need lazier neighbors or at least some with lower standards for lawn care. Our back yard looks like a meadow but you have to make a real effort to see it so we're not bothered. We figure we're making oxygen.

I just looked at my calendar with a sense of dread. I have some work obligations this week and wanted to make sure I didn't forgot to go.

Regis and I just talked ourselves out of Saturday lawn care. We'll do it tomorrow. Really, we will.

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Jill said...

Go Teresa! It IS the starting that's the important thing, and I greatly admire you for doing it. Hurray!

I'm trying to throw a lasso around August and hold it back so it doesn't show up for a while. Even though I'm not heading into full time work this fall, I feel it coming anyway. A person can't have gone to school from age 5 until now without feeling that whirlwind approaching.