Tuesday, July 13, 2010

random stuff

I've been awake since 3:30. I suppose because I went to sleep so early for which there was no good reason. I feel my summer coming to an end already... and how can that be?

At 3:30, I made coffee and set about paying bills.Good thing we had some money left. Then I took a notion to clean off my desk and get rid of some of the stuff I save but don't use. Two garbage bags later, I moved on to another project. Not yet 5 a.m.

I started a box for the thrift store.

I got a package ready to mail. Or UPS.

I got another package of pictures ready to mail to Iowa.

I did some work (school-related).

I went to the pool to watch Ella's swimming lesson. She went off the diving board!

I went to the funeral for the mom of a friend of mine. She was 95 years old so there were lots of o-l-d people in the audience. Interesting to note how many ladies still wear clip earrings. In their pretty pastel colors and poofy white hair, they looked like cupcakes.

Home again thinking of another project. The problem with my projects is that I am so easily distractable. Maybe I'm done for the day. A nap sounds good.

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