Saturday, July 24, 2010


Once when I was doing staff development for teachers of writing, I used an overhead slide and I misspelled lightening. I bet they used that to discount what I said. Misspelling a word is worse than death to English teachers.

We've had the nicest lazy day. I'm hoping that when I retire I don't sink completely into lethargy like this. I feel like now I have to conserve my energy and wallow in indolence because soon I'll be going back to work. And she drops her head to the table and weeps.

And the fir tree went unconscious and fell over. This is a line from the Prairie Home Companion show. Last night we watched the end of the PHC movie. I sang right out loud and cried at the end. That is the best movie. Then we went down to the bar and met up with Ben and Dolores for a glass of wine.

We went to Mankato this afternoon as Regis needed a new shirt for a wedding he is performing next weekend. We decided to go to Famous Dave's for ribs for a late lunch/early dinner. It was really bad timing because the tea party was having a gathering in a lot across the street and it practically sent Regis into apoplexy. We managed to get out of town without being arrested.

Regis (the young one) called from Grand Rapids. He and Amber are there for a visit and the whole family had gone to the local farm supply store to look for stuff. He was currently trying on a coonskin cap. Now, how many stores in America still carry those? He sent a cell phone picture so I'll try to capture it in this medium so you can enjoy it, too.

This, remember, is a kid who grew up in the urban jungle of Philadelphia. I'm going to check his cuffs for hayseeds when he comes home.

And now a funny story about the other son and his precocious daughter, Miss Ella. Regis went over for a visit this morning and they all talked about a wedding that we are all attending next Saturday. The men expressed some confusion about the time of the ceremony. Bob found a wedding invitation and he and his dad examined it, looking for the details for a while before they realized this was not the correct invitation. Miss Ella, always on top of things, said, "Here's the right one, Dad," and sure enough, she had the right one. Regis asked if Grandma Kathy was coming to stay with Ella and Alex. Bob wasn't sure. Ella said, "Dad, Melissa and Jeremy are coming to watch us." That kid will be doing their taxes and organizing the bills before you know it. Everyone should have a four-year old around.

Ok, I better get up and do some dishes. Happy Saturday.


Joanne said...

I need Miis Ella at my house. I can't seem to find or remember anything lately.

Joe owns a hat just like that! He loves it and has become a huge fan of Fleet Farm for buying his clothes. Funny!!

Jill said...

Love the hat. The facial hair adds authenticity!

Ella is a charmer even without her special skills of being on top of everything--what a great story. Miles is working on his special powers, too. When I got my current pair of glasses a few months ago, none of my kids noticed. Miles came up to me and said, "Grandma, you have new glasses? They're pretty!"

The Good Son said...

My old man, the king of secrecy can't help but yap his gums about how a four year old knows more about the goings on than her father unit. Watch it old man, when it comes time to wipe your butt or take you in for your biweekly dialysis, your only option may be your namesake.