Monday, July 12, 2010

garden ladies

This is my Great Grandma Andrina Matson, Mother of Josie Syverson, in her garden near Ulen, MN in 1930.

Today, two of the master gardeners from St. Peter came to visit my garden for the garden make-over contest. They took pictures and walked around and asked a lot of questions. When they asked me what I liked about my garden, I said it's a combination of a Monet painting and a Superman ring. It changes every year as things move and pop up here and there. That probably sounded strange but I followed up with the wise words of Regis: We want it to be people friendly, animal friendly, and earth friendly. So, we'll see what transpires.

I walked around the garden this morning with my coffee in Aunt Vi's china teacup. Now, there's some good karma for you.

I just read the first paragraph again. I suppose some people don't remember Superman rings. They had the plastic scene on the front that moved when you shifted your hand. I saw a huge one once in a Ben Franklin store in Winona. I've regretted not buying it ever since. Now, there is some junk you need to hang onto for forty years.

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