Thursday, July 29, 2010


Regis took this beautiful picture of a dragonfly this morning. It was on what we call the cannolis. Really they are canna lilies.

I've had a busy day not doing too much. We're having some young friends (as opposed to our old friends...hahaha!) over for dinner so we're cooking and cleaning up the patio and hiding stuff in closets. I never get my big clean-up done because I am too easily distracted. I get a few things sorted and packed up, then I find something else to do.

We're making Regis's wonderful ribs on the grill, stuffed peppers which are our current summer favorites, and focaccia bread. Instead of a green salad, I'm going to make a caprese salad with tomatoes from Living Land Farm, fresh mozzarella, and basil from my garden.

Facebook is a strange phenomenon. This morning, I noticed on the recommended pages that Jesus has a Facebook page and quite a few fans. This afternoon, I see Elvis has a Facebook page also, and it looks like he has more fans than Jesus. Of course, maybe the fans of Jesus aren't on Facebook as much as the fans of Elvis.

I have quite a few people that I have hidden from my news feeds on Facebook, too. I figure if people are writing things I don't want to read, it's my right. I hide Farmville and everything remotely related to games or contests or quizzes. That shit is just way too stimulating to even look at as far as I'm concerned. Now if these people want to write something that's really going on that isn't too depressing, hey, I'm happy to read it.

When I retire, I'm going to keep myself busy writing things for people like obituaries, family stories, and whatever.

I was pondering things this morning as I rode my bike. At any given moment, among all the people I know, there are joyous things and very sad things happening: Heroe and Sara waiting for babies in the fall, Annie and  Elisabeth waiting for babies in the fall, Nicole waiting for a baby in January, people hoping in the worst way for a baby, a friend of my mom's waiting for a journey to the other side, Christine waiting for a lung transplant, health problems, mental health issues, employment problems. It's a complicated world. Here's one of my favorite Opus cartoons that expresses it perfectly.

It's a rotten world with great peaches, folks. Opus says so.

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Jill said...

As long as you buy your peaches at the St. Peter Food Co-op. HyVee's ain't so great!