Thursday, July 22, 2010

draggin' myself around today

I have a day of rest tomorrow but I should have taken it today. I went to the Pulse but didn't make 3.5 miles. Had to finish on the stairs. My clothes were soaked when I got home.

I made breakfast for Peter...pancakes and bacon. The house smells so good.

I cleaned out a spot for our tiny freezer. They should be bringing it between now and 2:00. Regis thought they would leave it at the curb. Maybe that's how they deliver things in Pennsylvania but not here in Minnesota.

My neighbor's dog is going crazy again today. Why would someone own a dog that yips like that all day long? It's why I don't keep a gun in the house. Hee hee.

I have a heap of crap in the back porch that will get boxed up and taken to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. How does a guy accumulate all that stuff? Three things we've discovered:

  1. Don't look at ads. If you don't look at ads, you don't realize all the junk they advertise that you really don't need but will buy anyway.
  2. Don't shop at discount stores. You cannot get out of there without spending a hundred bucks on stuff you don't need but think you do.
  3. Avoid stores that offer you a cart. If you have a cart, you buy more stuff. If you have to carry it around, it limits the stuff you buy.
I was looking at book reviews this morning. I think it's interesting when someone reads a mystery and then complains in the review that the book wasn't a romance. We went to hear a reading by an author once. A woman in the audience raised her hand and said she didn't like how the father in the story was portrayed; she thought the character should have spent more time with his kids. What the heck didn't she get about fiction?

I have some things to do this morning. I want to pack up those boxes, send a check for my reunion meal to Rolf, and shoot that damn dog. See you later.

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