Saturday, July 17, 2010

doldrums of july

We're in the doldrums of July. It's hot, it's humid, there are storm warnings about every three days, and I take a nap a day. It's not so bad, really.

This afternoon, in the 98 degree heat, we went up to Tom and Betty's house and paddled around their pool in big floating lawn chairs wearing straw hats and sun screen and carrying glasses of chilled wine. It was delightful. Tom made a beef brisket on the grill and we had fresh berries and potato salad. A perfect summer day. Now we're home watching the storm warnings.

Kids from down the street are walking over for apple pie. Not the kind you bake.

We had a nice time. Amber's brother, Mike, from Grand Forks is here visiting so he came along with Reg and Amber. We talked smart and had a few snacks and some drinks.

It's raining a bit now so it feels like a sauna outside.

Happy sleeping. Hope you all have AC!

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