Monday, July 05, 2010

another holiday

 We love holidays. I set the table with the 4th of July dishes (thanks, mom), use appropriately festive paper napkins, light candles, make food that fits the occasion and we celebrate. I especially love holidays that don't involve too many presents but a lot of cooking.

We had a wonderful 4th of July although some parts of it were quieter than usual. The mosquitoes and the humidity were daunting yesterday, even for us. We spent the afternoon indoors with a batch of Emerill's chicken nachos and a nice bottle of pinot noir. Scott and Nikki came by to spend the afternoon and we had a few laughs and ate some good chow. Regis and I finished off the evening watching the fireworks on television because there are no mosquitoes in our living room.

There were some parts of the television fireworks that were bizarre. When did Jimmy Smits start doing the MC thing? Holy crap. Do we need commentary for every flippin' thing? And that Toby Keith dude. Man, that is why I don't like country music.

Today is the 58th birthday of my sweet husband. I bought him a pair of new sneakers a few weeks ago as his present so I don't have to wrap anything up today. We're cooking ribs on the grill for the kids later...Italian country bread is in the oven, making a big tray of fresh fruit and a big green salad, and the ice cream bar dessert is already in the freezer. Happy birthday, Regis!

I might make focaccia bread, too, because I like to bake bread and I can send some of it home with the guests tonight. We've discovered that focaccia bread makes great croutons, too.

I graduated from physical therapy (for my shoulders) today. She pronounced me on the road to recovery and said I should continue what I'm doing at home and at the Pulse.

I added a nice poem to my widgets today...on the right side-bar. I love it. And what the heck are widgets anyway?

We'll try to get some pictures today. Not one photo was taken yesterday and I was a little offended that nobody was there to take a picture of me doing the Rocky thing at the end of the 5K. This will have to do.

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