Thursday, June 17, 2010

some things that have made this week a bitch and some things that have made it fine in no particular order

  • Tonight we had to turn off the oven where the jerk chicken legs were baking and and hustle to the basement because the tornado sirens were blasting. We're not much for taking chances with that kind of thing.
  • Daughter-in-law, Amber, had some scary health issues yesterday that meant an emergency trip to pick her up at work and a trip to the clinic and then to another specialist today. They think they have it diagnosed and it's not serious or life-threatening so we're very relieved.
  • Iowa friend, Dick had some health problems yesterday. For a while, we thought it was related to his congestive heart failure but it wasn't. We're greatly relieved about that, too. It looks like they'll be able to come for the weekend.
  • The wine I tasted at Olives last week came in Tuesday at MGM and wasn't Emily kind to order it for me? Regis has suggested tapping a bottle to taste it and write a review but so far, I've held him off. It's for special occasions.
  • We had some killer meals this week: stuffed portobello mushrooms, stuffed banana peppers, seared tuna, salmon on the grill, steak, and lots of delicious greens from the farm. It's been a good food week.
  • It looks like we might pull off this wine tour yet. We met with Al and John at Patrick's this afternoon to make the final plans. We have an itinerary ready and the vineyards have been notified. Now we cross our fingers that the bus doesn't tip over in the storm.
  • I started physical therapy for my shoulders. Dang those exercises hurt and the whole thing wakes me up in the night. I have to dig little ice bags out of the freezer and balance them on my shoulders while I sleep.
  • Regis says the clouds are ugly and scary and look like they could produce a tornado a half mile wide. This is not good. I hate tornadoes that lurk around in the night.
  • Kramer killed a baby bunny in the yard and scared the rest of the brood so badly that they moved out of their little burrow. We haven't seen them since. How an old dog can zero in on a bunny nest that fast is beyond me. I know we have plenty of them but they're so cute.
  • We saw a mole in the yard on Monday evening. Now that is a creepy looking little animal and we can see why they hang around below the ground. They do not inspire affection. I won't let Regis use traps to kill them though because they could have tiny violins in their underground tunnels like they do in the picture books.
  • I made kale chips one night. Regis ate them. There you go.
  • I guess all in all, there have been more good things this week than bad things. We're looking forward to a great weekend with friends and maybe an evening or two on the patio. Say yes to summer!

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