Wednesday, June 09, 2010

reunion of the class of 1970

I told those people I didn't want to attend my 40th class reunion because it would be a bunch of old people. Haha. No kidding and here's the proof. I get a picture via email today of two of the characters I graduated with and what do you know they're old dudes. I used to ride to junior high football games on a school bus with David, on the right. Heck, that was in the early 1960's which is more than a few years ago. We thought we were pretty funny and we probably were. Holy crap. How does it happen that you get old right before your own eyes?

We made fajitas on the grill tonight and has some pico de gallo with it. Delicious. I made a sugar-free key lime mousse for dessert that tasted like a chemical waste dump. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners and would rather just do without. I liked the taste of the key lime but the truvia was nasty.

The birds were crazy in the yard tonight and were all over the peanuts and sunflower seeds. We bought a new feeder for peanuts on the recommendation of a guy at the pet store. We weren't getting any action on it and I was ready to do a numchuck on the guy's head. In the last three days, the chickadees have emptied the thing twice. A squirrel managed to get the lid off of one so they can get right into it and eat to their tiny heart's content.

This is the weekend of the Ambassador's Bluesfest in St. Peter. We loved it last year and hope for a successful event this year. We're planning to attend Ross William Perry on Friday night at the Redmen and most of the Saturday events in the park. Hoping for nice weather which ain't bloody likely with the 60% chance of inclement weather in the form of thunderstorms and precipitation.

I'm kind of out of brain cells tonight. 

I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow to see what the H is up with my shoulder pain. I can't even run a vacuum without suffering for two days and while it's a nice excuse for not vacuuming, it sort of limits the things a guy can do.

I think Ella is coming over for dinner tomorrow night. She told me I should call her in the morning to see how she's feeling and she would like to come for dinner on the grill if she feels good. Ok then. I like a woman who takes charge of her own future. I can guarantee when she comes she will want to do the following: see Paul's fish, say hi to Katherine, and read books in bed. Those are her favorite things to do at our house. She likes to help with the cooking, too, and always gets the step stool so she can be right up in there to help.

Regis and I are tasting pinot noir this week. I had a glass at Olive's yesterday that was so good and I came back to town and inquired abut it at MGM. Now he's got a spreadsheet of wine reviews and I have to say what I like and don't like about each wine. I'm such a rube. I say, "Yeah, it's good. No chemical smell", which in my book is high praise. He turns that into something that should be in Wine Connoisseur. I say, "Better than Ripple," and there you go.

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