Tuesday, June 01, 2010

monday...no, tuesday

Forgot what day it was there for a minute. The weekend went fast and it took wild horses to get me out the door this morning.

On Monday, we took our annual road trip with the Hynes-McGraws. Here are Betty and I with a be-shorted and sun-glassed bear at the Bear's Den in Elysian. We look so scared, not because of the bear, but because of the bad food. They should change their grease, man. And maybe buy some fresh lettuce.

Here we are in front of the White Front Saloon in Montgomery which turned out to be the highlight of our trip. What a spanking clean and friendly place. They even had free hot dogs and the bartender made a special trip over to tell us to help ourselves. I'd had enough hog parts and sodium for the day so I passed, but Tom said they were good. Someone in that place is a sports fan because they had more memorabilia than you could shake a stick at. It was such a nice place that we agreed it would be worth a trip back there and not by way of the Bear's Den.

I made a new vegetable today. Swiss chard got rave reviews on the message board but I didn't think it would be something I would make again. It's sort of labor intensive for a leafy green thing. Little stick pieces of ginger, minced garlic, and all those green leafy things. Maybe they should have been smaller because they were bitter and icky tasting. I'll have to do a little culinary research. If you have experience with Swiss chard, leave a comment.

I took my bike out for the maiden voyage of 2010. I didn't ride it much last summer because once they started ripping into our streets right after the 4th of July it was every man for himself on the mean streets of St. Peter. It was frightening enough to be in a vehicle. I wasn't going out there with all my limbs exposed. It was pleasant riding around the neighborhood. Saw a couple people I hadn't seen all winter, saw a couple new dogs, saw a couple old easy chairs that had been left out in the storm today. Those babies are water-logged, let me tell you. That bike is a nice little cruising machine.

We had two inches of pounding rain today. I mean it looked like the inside of a car wash.

I'm trying to revise my exercise regimen so I don't have to get up in the middle of the night and go to bed at dinner time. I think a lot of people have very active lives after I have gone to sleep. I'll see how that goes. Next week, I might go to yoga on Tuesday nights. I think the evenings are more crowded and loud than in the early mornings at the Pulse. And you know how I am about stimulation. I don't like it.

I have a 40th class reunion in August. It's amazing, really, that I graduated from high school 40 years ago. It sure doesn't seem like that long ago in some ways. In other ways it seems like a galaxy far far away...you know how that goes. It's funny that you feel like such a dork when you're 16 and you grow into sort of a decent person and you think everyone will remember the dork you were but they don't. I only know that because I don't really remember the other dorks. Haha!

The other day, Regis and I went to HyVee to buy groceries. In front of the store, they had a rack of planters. The sign on the rack said this:

oval planters
rect planters

For some reason, this tickled me greatly. I suppose I could explain it more here but it would just sound stupid and it probably is. I read the sign out loud...oral planters and rectal planters...and laughed and laughed. Some days a guy has to make his own fun. Like I said, it was stupid.

I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately. What happens is that it intrigues me for about five chapters, then I get bored and move on to something else. Consequently, I have many unfinished books. That would be ok, but it is getting irksome because I keep trying to go back and finish them. Maybe it isn't worth it. These authors should stick to magazine articles. I can finish those.

There you go. Happy June 1st.

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