Friday, June 18, 2010

interesting sky last night

These are mammatus clouds as seen from our front yard. The top photo has been enhanced by Regis with his newly developed photoshop skills. The link will take you to the wikipedia page for mammatus clouds. They're often seen during times of tornadic activity. Here's one more picture that gives you a good indication of where they get the name mammatus.

I'm giving myself until 8:00 to sit and drink coffee and piddle around with my blog and facebook. Then I have to get up and do something. (I've already been to the Pulse to exercise so I'm not a complete slacker this morning.)

Jane and Dick are arriving later this afternoon. We're going to make crab cakes and stuffed peppers, our new bests, on the grill for dinner. We have a good bottle of wine and some cold beer but it will be a quiet night as we get ready for the big wine trip tomorrow.

Here we go.

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