Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a flatlander eats crab legs

So, I'm thinking last week that I would like to eat crab legs again. Real ones. In the last 25 years, I've eaten crab legs one other time and it was wholly unsatisfying. They were about as big as a pencil and it took a mighty effort to dig out any meat. What do you expect off the Schwann's truck? Monday morning, Regis bought a pound of crab legs from our favorite market, not wanting to wait until the Crab Deck opened. These crab legs were a tiny bit bigger than a pencil but a pound of crab legs doesn't go too far. If we had a bunch of hungry guys, I figure we'd need abut 18 pounds of crab legs. In my opinion, they were a conveyance for butter and that's about it.

Yesterday was so hot we declined to cook on the grill. Today about noon, a big wind came through and left fall-like weather in its wake. Seriously, it feels like early October. I prefer this to that so I'm not complaining.

We've been drowning slugs in our spare time. We planted canna lilies in front of the window as we did last year, because the hummingbirds are attracted to them. It's been so damp since they came up that they're full of holes from slugs. Regis filled a couple jar lids with beer and voila...many dead slugs.

This probably needs more of an explanation. For some reason, slugs are attracted to beer. If you put little cups of it, even a jar lid filled with beer, in the garden, the slugs will jump in for a swim and drown. Regis feels it is a worthy sacrifice of a beer.

When I left to go to the Pulse this morning, there were two men's Crocs in the street. One in the middle of the street right in front of our house and one in front of the neighbor's house. I stopped the car and tossed the middle of the road Croc to the side. When I came home, they were gone. Makes a guy wonder how they got there and why they disappeared.

I have to do my shoulder exercises. I'm tired and could go to sleep. I'd rather do that.

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