Sunday, June 13, 2010

blue weekend

This is the back side of Lamont Cranston. We had a great time at the blues festival. Friday night we had friends for a glass of wine and nachos before heading down to the Redmen to hear Ross William Perry who I had confused with Brandon Scott Sellner. You can see why. Their mothers named them to be blues singers. Regis Howard Fritsch just wouldn't work.

It was a good time but the wine was really bad. There are box wines I like but this wasn't one of them. This would be better used for window cleaning than human consumption.

There was a golf tournament (or whatever you call golf things) yesterday and it must have started in the morning with a beer swill breakfast because some of the participants who came to the bar later were more than comfortably numb. Our table was by the men's john so we started doing a little research: How many men carried their drinks into the bathroom with them? Results: Almost 100%. One guy took us up on our offer to set his drink down on our table but he took that as an invitation and sat down when he came out. He had a serious mumble going on so it was an interesting conversation.

We're amazed at the people we see at these things. Where do these people come from? Regis said a few of them looked like they came right out of the meth lab and he's right. It's fun to see people that you only see at outdoor music festivals.

I had a great post almost written in my head yesterday morning but it's gone now.

I went for a long run/walk this morning. I'm doing the summer challenge at the Pulse so I had to go a mile further than the farthest I've gone this month. That meant I had to go 5.5 miles. I can't say I was looking forward to that so I got up early, had a cup of coffee, and set out. I do the Jeff Galloway walk/run technique so I have permission to walk when I need to. I made it up the Grace Street hill without dying; always a good sign. I would say there was one stretch, about mile #2, where I almost enjoyed it and didn't feel like I wanted to sit down.

I'm moving on with the day. Soaked in the tub with the variety and travel sections of the Trib, going to make my menu and grocery list for the week, got the laundry down the chute, need to fill the bird feeders. Here we go.

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