Friday, June 25, 2010

beer can chicken and cell phone plans

We celebrated Midsummer Day by cooking the best beer can chicken ever. I rubbed him all over with olive oil and a paprika spice mix, stuffed him with fresh herbs from the garden, and set him on a can of Schell's Deer brand beer. We kept the fire hot, about 375, and cooked him for an hour. Oh my. Also cooked a pan of butternut squash cubes. Heaven on the grill.

Peter's phone broke necessitating a new phone. Instead of remaining on our family plan, he moved to his own plan! Hurray and hallelujah! It's our standard for independence...your own cell phone plan. Now 75% of our off-spring are on their own plans and we're happy!

It's Friday, June 25 and I have some major things at work that have to be done by July 1st. I've procrastinated and have a plan to do them all today. Let's see how that goes. I'm not leaving there today until these things are done.

Happy Friday!

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