Thursday, May 06, 2010

rainy thursday

We had a grand time last night. We went to the Donahower House for a Firefly Theater performance. Our neighbor Mike brings in comedians from around the country and last night we saw Paul Strickland. Very funny guy who is more storyteller than one-line comic. When I complimented him on three exquisite lines in one of his stories, he actually went upstairs and brought back his "script" of the show so I could find them.

Patrick's served wine and margaritas and tacos. I sat in an antique chair that looked like a throne. The minutes I spotted it, I knew it was mine. We met so many nice people during the evening...a woman who helped me with our medical insurance dilemma, a young man who details cars, and a wood floor guy who wants Regis to help with his website. It was a bonanza, I tell you.

We stopped at Patrick's on the way home because there was a nice bus parked in front and I had the notion it might be Willie Nelson's bus. It was not Willie Nelson, but a busload of drunken nursing students who are graduating. They were cutting a rug, believe me.

Because we were gone on Cinco de Mayo, I made a Mexican dip tonight for dinner. The men at the table pronounced it delicious and devoured most of it. I like it when my cooking is appreciated.

There's a poetry slam tonight that I would really like to attend but I've been gone two nights in a row and I think that's my limit.

I worked hard today helping teachers fight their way through the blizzard of paperwork required to provide special education. It's a good thing we get rich doing this because otherwise these nice people would find another way to make a living.

It's been cold this week and I've had to dig out the sweaters again. Three layers today. Man, some sun would be nice.

Happy Friday tomorrow! But WTF is up with the 45 degrees?????

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