Sunday, May 16, 2010

Norwegian Independence Day and cussing

Tomorrow is Norwegian Independence Day, or Syttende Mai. In its honor, I am only going to cuss in Norwegian for the day. I remember, as a child, quizzing my mom about how to swear in Norwegian and she passed on a few nuggets. If you're sensitive about swearing, don't watch the youtube video below. I don't know why anyone would be, however. When I studied linguistics in college, I had a professor (Harry Foster)who used to rant about how swear words were just words and a good dictionary should contain them. It was a way to tell a good dictionary from a mediocre one, he said. I don't cuss at school board meetings or in church, but a good F bomb can be like a balm some days. It's not good to have crap in your head and a good cuss will help scare away those skeletons. So, here you go. Happy Norwegian Independence Day tomorrow. Lutefisk and lefse!


grandma Saum said...

Bad girl, Teresa. Wait until I get my bar of soap and wash out your mouth. I think it was faen toot. Don't ask me what it means.

Anonymous said...

Your Dad used to say he thought every day was Norwegian Independence Day!!