Monday, May 10, 2010

my writing took a hit last week

The Herald chopped three paragraphs off my guest column but they started the hack job right in the middle of a sentence. I finally contacted the editor and asked if they could run a correction. He apologized and said they would. I've shamelessly carried copies around for a couple weeks since it first ran but that was getting old.

I took a short nap after work today. It's so cold and dark and gloomy outside that I couldn't help myself. If you aren't a napper, you don't know the pleasure of crawling into bed when it's still light outside to read for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep. I think I could have slept all night.

The city came and picked up our excess sticks and garden waste today. I had quite a pile out there on Saturday and by gosh, yesterday, it disappeared. Every single stick. Like aliens had vacuumed them up from the mother ship. What the hell.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. The off-spring showed up about 2:30 and stayed until about 8:30, with lots of laughing and story telling in the middle. Regis made great ribs although Ella pronounced them a little too spicy. We had lots of roasted vegetables and Italian country bread. Holy cow, those kids love that bread. I think they'd eat it for dessert. Regis was distracted by the grilling and didn't take any pictures.

Today and tomorrow I'm participating in an audit of our special education files. It is mind-numbing work looking for dates and phrases and little piddly-ass details. It's not the kind of work in which a person like me should engage. MDE used to send teams of experts around to do this but since they have no money, they make people like me do it. I'm not overly concerned about my inadequacy though as we were monitored five years ago and have yet to receive the report. I figure I'll be long gone before this one ever hits the desk. Does this indicate a bad attitude or a realistic view of the world?

I'm reading the book In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto. It's really a good book but I have to read it carefully so I can remember things because there are a lot of details and you know how I am with that. See paragraph above in case you've forgotten. I think this could get to be like the time I read Oranges and bored my friends and family for years with information about oranges.

Regis is trying to decide if he wants to see Iron Man II tomorrow night with me. He wants to see it but I have a negative reputation when it comes to action movies. He thinks that it might be like Saving Private Ryan and I'll spend the first third of the movie under the seat sobbing. I don't think it could be quite that bad. He tends to exaggerate. I'm willing to go because he's a good sport about going to things with me but I can sense his hesitation.

I saw some really bad writing today. One teacher (???) had written: Jennifer is not sure about the future like what does she want to do after high school? What the hell. Assault on the eyes.

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