Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i don't think i ever name a blog post tuesday

So, this is a first.

We went to Mankato after school so I could get a hair cut. Patrick was a hoot as usual. He told me with great excitement that the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Fleshtones were coming to Mankato. Exclamation point. I said honey you missed it they were here Friday so that should be past tense as in they came to Mankato. He was seriously disappointed that he missed them. Ah, well. I told the stories.

Regis and I visited a new restaurant, the Plaza Garibaldi on Commerce Drive. I didn't like it as much I like Mazatlan but the food was good and the service was prompt and friendly. What the hell. That's about all you can ask. The skies were black when we came out so we made a beeline for home.

About halfway home on 169 there was a near pile-up of abut six cars when a white van veered to the left sending the rest of the cars behind it, one of them ours, it into tail spins. Turns out it was a muskrat carrying a baby across the highway that caused the panic. God bless that guy. I know it's a terribly dangerous thing to do but a man with an instinct to protect a mama and a baby, even a muskrat, has to be a nice guy.

We just watched some NOVA program about aliens and now we're watching a program about a megavolcano. These are not by bag, let me tell you. I don't even watch the news and haven't since OJ Simpson killed his wife. I realized then that the media was manipulative and pretty much drew your attention until the next catastrophe came along to get your attention. It colors the way you see the world and who needs that shit. I asked Regis if these disasters were in the future or the past. I can only say ARRGHHHG.

I woke up at 2:30 last night. When I tried to read myself back to sleep, my kindle battery was dead. Just one more thing on the list of why I don't like that device. I went back to sleep if you can call it that about 3 but woke up again at 4:00. It was a very short night and tomorrow should be Friday.

I wonder how many times a week PBS programs use the word cataclysm. Jesus.

I became fascinated a year ago with the Spanish idea of tapas. I started looking at small plates and tiny utensils and recipes for what they call small bites. After our experience at the Red Sky Lounge Friday, I started shopping again. Today in the mail, I got 16 small forks and a set of 4 small knives. I'm expecting a package with six appetizer plates. I think I sense a party in the making.

Well, the rest of this week ought to go fast. Holy hell will this year never end and that's not a question it's a damn declaration.

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