Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cold and rainy but an overall sweet day

I made a roasted chicken for dinner. When I looked back at the recipe, I saw it was called Mon Poulet Roti. Isn't that a nice name for chicken?

We had a glass of Morgan Creek's Redtail Ridge with it. Such a nice red wine for a cold day and it brought back nice memories of our trips to the vineyard.

I ordered Ted Kooser's new book called Lights on a Ground of Darkness and it came in the mail today. It isn't poetry but his family stories. I'm anxious to read it.

Peter brought his graduation gown in to be ironed. His reception and ceremony are tomorrow night. He's being such a good sport about going to all of it.

Off to pick up the left-overs and dirty dishes. More later...or tomorrow.

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