Sunday, May 02, 2010

a case for celebrating

Regis and I left the house about 2:00 yesterday and made a road trip west. We made our way (no thanks to the GPS) to Morgan Creek where they were celebrating the start of the wine season. Even though it was cool and windy, by the time we got into the ravine and sat in the shelter of the main building, it was beautiful and we enjoyed the setting. Ben Marti played some accordion, there was a fire in the pit, we had some good wine with friends, and we had some laughs. All good for the senses.

Note re: the pictures. They were giving away the straw hats with a purchase. Good thing they didn't award a hat for each glass of wine. Ha!

Next stop was the Grand Kabaret in New Ulm. Lovely place with some bad music. It might have been good jazz but it wasn't my style and resonated more like elevator music which starts to feel like a pin in the eye after a while. Note that this might be my unsophisticated taste in music and have nothing to do with the actual quality of the music. The food was great. Regis and Ron had morel mushroom soup and we ordered a cheese plate, a bowl of olives, and a German plate with cheese sausage. It was a perfect meal.

Next stop was George's Fine Steaks and Spirits in New Ulm. We had spirits but will go back for a fine steak in the future. It was a friendly place. We met George and sat by Bob at the bar who told us about the merits of New Ulm.

At the end of the night, we agreed that we feel lucky that we don't feel compelled to get up on a beautiful, sunny May 1st Saturday and start weed whacking or washing windows. There is not enough time in life to enjoy a holiday like yesterday. We're making plans already to repeat this trip. It was a feast from start to finish.

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