Saturday, May 29, 2010

the rest of the story

I searched for two days for my calendar. I had almost given up when I walked to the patio this morning and there it was on the lawn chair. I must have thrown it down in my haste to get to the housewarming party Thursday night. It spent two nights on the lawn chair and was right under the hinder of the baby bird in my previous post. So, I'm sure you can imagine. You know how much baby birds eat? Well, they pretty much poop all day. Cleaning that calendar up will be a project.

Friday, May 28, 2010

morning visitor

When I opened the front door this morning, this fat baby was sitting on the back of the lawn chair. He looked a little grumpy...probably waiting for mama to bring breakfast. I went out the back door so I didn't disturb him. I love his baby feathers sticking out on his head...they make him look kind of punk.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i don't think i ever name a blog post tuesday

So, this is a first.

We went to Mankato after school so I could get a hair cut. Patrick was a hoot as usual. He told me with great excitement that the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Fleshtones were coming to Mankato. Exclamation point. I said honey you missed it they were here Friday so that should be past tense as in they came to Mankato. He was seriously disappointed that he missed them. Ah, well. I told the stories.

Regis and I visited a new restaurant, the Plaza Garibaldi on Commerce Drive. I didn't like it as much I like Mazatlan but the food was good and the service was prompt and friendly. What the hell. That's about all you can ask. The skies were black when we came out so we made a beeline for home.

About halfway home on 169 there was a near pile-up of abut six cars when a white van veered to the left sending the rest of the cars behind it, one of them ours, it into tail spins. Turns out it was a muskrat carrying a baby across the highway that caused the panic. God bless that guy. I know it's a terribly dangerous thing to do but a man with an instinct to protect a mama and a baby, even a muskrat, has to be a nice guy.

We just watched some NOVA program about aliens and now we're watching a program about a megavolcano. These are not by bag, let me tell you. I don't even watch the news and haven't since OJ Simpson killed his wife. I realized then that the media was manipulative and pretty much drew your attention until the next catastrophe came along to get your attention. It colors the way you see the world and who needs that shit. I asked Regis if these disasters were in the future or the past. I can only say ARRGHHHG.

I woke up at 2:30 last night. When I tried to read myself back to sleep, my kindle battery was dead. Just one more thing on the list of why I don't like that device. I went back to sleep if you can call it that about 3 but woke up again at 4:00. It was a very short night and tomorrow should be Friday.

I wonder how many times a week PBS programs use the word cataclysm. Jesus.

I became fascinated a year ago with the Spanish idea of tapas. I started looking at small plates and tiny utensils and recipes for what they call small bites. After our experience at the Red Sky Lounge Friday, I started shopping again. Today in the mail, I got 16 small forks and a set of 4 small knives. I'm expecting a package with six appetizer plates. I think I sense a party in the making.

Well, the rest of this week ought to go fast. Holy hell will this year never end and that's not a question it's a damn declaration.

Monday, May 24, 2010

how did it get to be Monday so fast?

Hey, it's Bob Dylan's birthday today. They're having an All-Bob day on Shufflefunction...and they're waxing poetic about the Legendary Stardust Cowboy concert Friday night. They say it's a show that will go down in history. Maybe.

We had a nice weekend, a good mix of busy and lazy, but I swear those two days go by a lot faster than than two days during the week.

Saturday night we went downtown to hear a band that we'd been wanting to hear. Oh, man. We're either too old to appreciate that kind of music or they're just plain bad and trying to cover it up by being loud. We had to leave to find a quiet place where we could cower in the dark with our hands over our ears.

Last night we went down to Patrick's to put the finishing touches on a bus tour we're planning to the local vineyards. It sounds like it's going to be a fun day.

So far, we have no plans for the holiday weekend coming up. I told Regis I would take it easy as I'm usually the social director. He likes a little down time but he's a good sport about going wherever I want to go.

Going to the Pulse. Be back later...

My shoulders have recovered pretty well so I can do some work on them again. It's almost the one-year anniversary of my membership at the Pulse. It's been quite a ride, this getting healthier and stronger.

I know I say this a lot, but I could really use another day without work. My garden is suffering. I need to take care of some weeds, get some more mulch down, plant some things in pots, and get some tomatoes. Dang. It seems like this happens every year...I don't want to garden when it's cold and then all of a sudden it's hot.

Happy birthday to my friend Jill on Saturday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

an adventure to remember

Regis, Vickie, and I went to the Red Sky lounge at 6:00 to get a good table and have a bite to eat. The food was delicious and we had a lot of time to laugh and tell stories because the Legendary Stardust Cowboy didn't get to the stage until 9:30. We were about out of gas by that time. As soon as he started, people piled into the area in front of the stage so we almost had to stand on our bar stools to see him. Here are some pictures.

At one point, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy took off his shirt and whipped it around the stage. I think hence the name of his music genre, psychobilly. Well, the shirt, the lyrics, the shouting, and probably a lot of other things I am not musically sophisticated enough to recognize, I guess. We didn't see the whole show as the crowd, the loud music, and the late hours were starting to affect us in a negative way. We wandered back to the quiet streets of St. Peter to end the evening. It was a damn hoot.

Friday, May 21, 2010

waking up at the crack of dawn

For some reason, I have been waking up at the crack of dawn again. I'm talking 3:00 a.m. some days. It makes for a long day and I feel like I need a nap about 8. This is why people retire, I bet. I made coffee and I'm waiting to go to the Pulse. I'm glad, at least, that it's Friday.

We're going to the Red Sky Lounge tonight to see the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. I have to admit that our interest is, in part, the crowd. We want to know who the hell would go some place to listen to music like this. This dude invented the music genre called psychobilly. Hmmmm. Psychobilly. Well, you never know. You just never know. We figure it will be a happening and we like to be in on those.

I'm trying to reorganize my electronic life. I have too many devices and way too much paper and it is unmanageable. I'm investigating an iPad but I don't want that unless it can function as a phone, too. I don't figure I'm gaining much if I just have another thing to tote around. It would be helpful if my work computer and my home computer could be integrated but we apparently can't manage that in a technical way either.

I published this, then looked back and realized I had posted Peter's picture with the news about Regis and his dean's list. What the. Well, here is the picture anyway. It's a nice one.

Regis finished his semester at SCC and made the Dean's list again. I think they call it the Presdient's list there as they don't have deans. Or maybe they have deans but they don't keep the list. I don't know; it's early. That means, if he can cruise that linux (whatever that is) course in the fall, he'll get to wear a gold ribbon with his medallion at graduation. I like that. I'm already planning the celebration.

We have a busy weekend planned, beginning with tonight's festivities. I'll post about things as they transpire. One more five day week and then we're looking at the end of the school year. Hurray! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday holy hell where is this week going?

Regis and I motored off to Rochester on Monday night. My annual appointments at Mayo were Tuesday and we decided to make it a vacation of our favorite variety...close to home and short. We were gone about 28 hours door to door. We had lunch at the Canadian Honker on Tuesday and when we came out, there it was, the icon from our youth: the Wienermobile. Amazing.

We had a wonderful time. When we got to Rochester and pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, I knew something was wrong. We wanted to stay at the same place we stayed last summer but this was a beaten down Comfort Inn. I looked over the hill and there it was, the very new Hampton Inn. We went down there and got a room, then called and canceled the reservation we didn't want.

Cousin Steve and daughter Catie picked us up shortly after and we went to the Redwood Room for dinner. What a fun place. Regis wants to move to Rochester just to hang out at that restaurant. We had a glass of wine and a wonderful pizza in a dark and mysterious bar. What else could you ask for in a night spot?

My appointments went well. I love the doctor who takes care of me at Mayo as he is a nutrition specialist. He's very personable and answers all my weird questions. He was pleased with my progress and we parted ways. I'll go back next year for another update visit.

We had all the kids over for dinner tonight. I had to work all day so Regis did the grocery buying and the house preparation and the cooking. Have you noticed that things sort of go to hell when you have little kids involved? They are hungry earlier than you plan on dinner being done and they and their stuff are under-foot, the little dears. They stumble toward the grill and everyone goes crazy. They take headers into the garden. Ah, well. It was great fun and we're glad they're gone.

How is it that tomorrow is only Thursday? I had a day off this week, for God's sake. Time to call the TRA consultants. I want to be the Avon lady in New Sweden.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Norwegian Independence Day and cussing

Tomorrow is Norwegian Independence Day, or Syttende Mai. In its honor, I am only going to cuss in Norwegian for the day. I remember, as a child, quizzing my mom about how to swear in Norwegian and she passed on a few nuggets. If you're sensitive about swearing, don't watch the youtube video below. I don't know why anyone would be, however. When I studied linguistics in college, I had a professor (Harry Foster)who used to rant about how swear words were just words and a good dictionary should contain them. It was a way to tell a good dictionary from a mediocre one, he said. I don't cuss at school board meetings or in church, but a good F bomb can be like a balm some days. It's not good to have crap in your head and a good cuss will help scare away those skeletons. So, here you go. Happy Norwegian Independence Day tomorrow. Lutefisk and lefse!

sunday morning and graduation

I thought I had posted about Peter's graduation but I didn't. I get mixed up about which social media I am engaged in, apparently. I know I posted the photo on Facebook.

Graduation was very nice. I was happy that Peter agreed to participate and I think even he enjoyed it. It's uplifting to hear all those people talk about a guy's wonderful accomplishment in graduating from college. I started weeping when I saw Peter's name in the program and wept through the processional. It was very, very sweet.

Regis and I are having coffee at the dining table, which in our house, is in the living room. I don't care so much for the traditional arrangement of furniture and if I could I would move the bed in here, too. What I like is the big window. We usually sit in the dining room which is where the love seat and easy chair are, but we want to watch the birds.

We made a trip to Pet Expo yesterday and stocked up on bird food. Word is spreading around the neighborhood among the birds..bountiful feast at our house...safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut parts, grape jelly. We've had a female cardinal, lots of finches, and a few robins, so far. We're waiting for grosbeaks and orioles. The juvenile delinquents of the bird world, grackles, are being pigs and making a mess.

We cooked steak and salmon on the grill last night. The new spices from Penzey's were great as a rub on the steaks. I cut sweet potatoes into little chunks and tossed them in some olive oil with salt and pepper. Regis grilled them in a saute pan and they were delicious. Roasted vegetables are so much better than plain old boiled or baked vegetables. Cauliflower is one of our favorites.

 I'm looking over the garden and thinking about what to keep and what to discard. I've had Joe Pye weed for years and loved it, but I think I want it out of there now. My garden isn't big enough for these huge plants. If anybody reading this wants it, let me know. It would look great along a fence or on the back of the yard. It needs to be moved quickly, though, or it will get too big. It's probably five to six feet tall by mid-summer and the monarch butterflies love it.

I'd like to put more hostas in my garden. We have so much shade now and I love the variegated leaves of some varieties.
There is a squirrel digging furiously under the apple tree. He has three holes started and he's up to his shoulders in one. He must have buried a nut there last fall and can't remember where it is. Must be a frustrating way to get one's food. Of course, he spends a little time in my bird feeders and that's not much work for him.

Regis and I are heading to Rochester tomorrow for my annual check-up at Mayo. We decided to make it a little vacation so we're going down after school and staying in a motel. We'll meet Steve and Sherry at the Redwood Room for dinner and spend Tuesday morning lazing around before my appointments. 

There's an oriole hovering in the yard, trying to get to the feeder. The robins are territorial and nobody wants to fight with the grackles.

Another photo from graduation night. Tiffany brought Elliot to graduation and he wasn't exactly happy to be there. What do babies care about stuff like that? It was nice to have them both there, though.

I'm going to stop writing now and get up and do some things. I'd like to spend some time on the patio in the warm part of the afternoon. 

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new cooking adventures

Regis bought banana peppers today instead of min-sweet peppers but we have a plan for the banana peppers now. These little beauties are stuffed with a mixture of cheese and chorizo sausage. Here's the recipe:

Grilled Stuffed Peppers
18 plump, short peppers to fit the roasting rack as best as possible
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 T white wine vinegar
1/3 c olive oil
8 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 c shredded Monterey Jack cheese
2 T chopped cilantro leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

  • Cut tops from peppers and hollow out interiors removing membranes and seeds.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together minced garlic and vinegar, slowly add olive oil while whisking, and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Place hollowed peppers in a glass bowl and pour marinade over them and refrigerate for two hours; to evenly distribute. 
  • Stir peppers and marinade twice during the two hours.
  • In a medium bowl, stir together cream cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Remove one pepper at a time from marinade and let excess oil drip back into bowl; fill each pepper using a butter knife; start by placing a small amount of stuffing all the way at the bottom of the hollowed space and then continue adding until the filling reaches the top.
  • Place filled peppers in the roasting rack and replace reserved tops on the peppers.
  • Grill over medium-high heat for 10 minutes; turn rack; check for doneness after another eight minutes. Peppers should be blistered and softened and the filling should be oozing and melty.
On another food note, the chicken was so delicious that I licked my fingers. A lot. I licked my fingers a lot. I will make that recipe again and a bonus: it was so easy. If you're sodium sensitive, it might not be the best for your health, but for the rest of us...yummmm.

This is the kind of weather that drives people into little dark bars with juke boxes that play old time country music.

Congratulations to Kris and Gus on their new grandbaby Sadie Kristine.

Get well to Mom's friend Ione. I finally got her card in the mail today.

Happy birthday to Betty back on April 25. 

Congratulations to my teacher friends who are retiring. I'm jealous.

See? Every day is something to celebrate.

Regis is watching some nasty history channel thing about WWII. As if the current news isn't bad enough, we have to review the bad shit that happened in the past? The only way I can tolerate it is to pretend that it's fiction which I wouldn't read anyway since it's about war.

I have a really bad sarcastic streak today. I'm not even going to burden anyone with it because I know...I know...that most people take the things I'm sarcastic about much more seriously than I do. I should start a blog and not give anyone the url. Hahahaha. There's an idea for you.

If a guy just keeps writing, it's amazing the crap that eventually comes out. And I mean crap.

Last year, I planted cilantro (not much of a segue there, eh?) but it died mid-summer. I think it was too cold. This summer isn't looking so good for cilantro either but I'm going to plant some anyway. We love it in Mexican cooking but the stuff you buy in the store is sort of pitiful looking and doesn't last long.

When the kids were over on Sunday, they were talking about and sharing their newest technology. I still don't really get apps but Bob had his thing read a paragraph of my blog in several different accents. We liked the British man best. Weird.

Ok. Really, I am stopping now.

cold and rainy but an overall sweet day

I made a roasted chicken for dinner. When I looked back at the recipe, I saw it was called Mon Poulet Roti. Isn't that a nice name for chicken?

We had a glass of Morgan Creek's Redtail Ridge with it. Such a nice red wine for a cold day and it brought back nice memories of our trips to the vineyard.

I ordered Ted Kooser's new book called Lights on a Ground of Darkness and it came in the mail today. It isn't poetry but his family stories. I'm anxious to read it.

Peter brought his graduation gown in to be ironed. His reception and ceremony are tomorrow night. He's being such a good sport about going to all of it.

Off to pick up the left-overs and dirty dishes. More later...or tomorrow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

my writing took a hit last week

The Herald chopped three paragraphs off my guest column but they started the hack job right in the middle of a sentence. I finally contacted the editor and asked if they could run a correction. He apologized and said they would. I've shamelessly carried copies around for a couple weeks since it first ran but that was getting old.

I took a short nap after work today. It's so cold and dark and gloomy outside that I couldn't help myself. If you aren't a napper, you don't know the pleasure of crawling into bed when it's still light outside to read for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep. I think I could have slept all night.

The city came and picked up our excess sticks and garden waste today. I had quite a pile out there on Saturday and by gosh, yesterday, it disappeared. Every single stick. Like aliens had vacuumed them up from the mother ship. What the hell.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. The off-spring showed up about 2:30 and stayed until about 8:30, with lots of laughing and story telling in the middle. Regis made great ribs although Ella pronounced them a little too spicy. We had lots of roasted vegetables and Italian country bread. Holy cow, those kids love that bread. I think they'd eat it for dessert. Regis was distracted by the grilling and didn't take any pictures.

Today and tomorrow I'm participating in an audit of our special education files. It is mind-numbing work looking for dates and phrases and little piddly-ass details. It's not the kind of work in which a person like me should engage. MDE used to send teams of experts around to do this but since they have no money, they make people like me do it. I'm not overly concerned about my inadequacy though as we were monitored five years ago and have yet to receive the report. I figure I'll be long gone before this one ever hits the desk. Does this indicate a bad attitude or a realistic view of the world?

I'm reading the book In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto. It's really a good book but I have to read it carefully so I can remember things because there are a lot of details and you know how I am with that. See paragraph above in case you've forgotten. I think this could get to be like the time I read Oranges and bored my friends and family for years with information about oranges.

Regis is trying to decide if he wants to see Iron Man II tomorrow night with me. He wants to see it but I have a negative reputation when it comes to action movies. He thinks that it might be like Saving Private Ryan and I'll spend the first third of the movie under the seat sobbing. I don't think it could be quite that bad. He tends to exaggerate. I'm willing to go because he's a good sport about going to things with me but I can sense his hesitation.

I saw some really bad writing today. One teacher (???) had written: Jennifer is not sure about the future like what does she want to do after high school? What the hell. Assault on the eyes.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

sunday morning

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and decided to get up and start the day. It's 32 degrees outside this morning so I'm glad I brought in the blooms from the fern-leaf peony. I had some coffee and a piece of toast with peanut butter, then spent some time writing. If I could find a way to make money doing this.

I've been puttering around the kitchen since I got up. I have a couple big loaves of bread in the oven, a trifle chilling in the refrigerator, and the vegetables cut up for roasting. Regis has the rub on the ribs. I think we're set.

My favorite part of serving dinner is deciding on the serving dishes. I have all my big plates and platters piled up on the counter and I'll sort through them as the day goes on. I have a couple interesting dishes to use for the pico and the guacamole. I wish I had a big salad bowl. I see a shopping trip in my future. Just what I need...more dishes.

Too bad it's so dang cold out this morning. It would be nice to sit on the patio and smell the grill smoke. You'd have to wrap up in one of the snuggy things to survive out there today. Accuweather says it's 43 degrees right now which is winter weather. I have to work at the community center tomorrow and it's always cold in there. Better get out the winter clothes.

I seem to be done working for the day.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

ah, saturday

We're having a lovely weekend. We made a trip by the watering hole last night and talked to lots of people. Nice way to start a weekend. We're trying to organize a trip in late June to the two vineyards in the area and maybe an end-of-day trip to Cambria to the burger joint. There's a big green bus that might be available and Al just got his license so he needs the practice.

Yesterday, we went to Ella's last day of pre-school program. Here are a few pictures:

Ella and her best pal.

Ella and her mom.

Performing girls!

Tomorrow, the off-spring and their families are coming for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. Amber and Emily both have to work which seems unfair. If there are ribs left at the end of the feast, we'll send some home for them. I'm making roasted red potatoes, roasted cauliflower (our current favorite), and a triple berry trifle. Regis is making his famous ribs at Ella's request.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. I've published this poem for her before, but I think it's a good one for the day.

by Teresa
For Mom

She taught me knitting, sewing, Teeny Tiny,
and reading every night before you go
to bed. She taught me how to make things for
people you love. She taught me how to make

stuffing by letting the butter and chopped onions sit
on the stovetop overnight. She taught me how to
make spaghetti from scratch
and that leftovers make a good meal and that pets,

even messy ones who come through the screen door
during thunderstorms, are part of the family.
She taught me that it’s more important to bake
fresh cookies or to read a book than

have a clean house. She taught me that having piles
of books around your house is decorating and that wearing
a flannel nightgown until noon doesn’t mean you’re
lazy. She taught me that you invite people over

if you’re lonely. She taught me how to always
believe you can fix it yourself and to keep on learning
and that when you go on vacation you should
stay with relatives. She taught me that cookbooks make good

reading and if you don’t have what it calls
for, you use something else. She taught me that hunting
down a good deal and taking a long nap in the afternoon is
the only exercise you ever really need in life.

When my dad died, her husband of more than fifty years, she
taught me that you cry but you go on. You go on living. You keep
the ashes in the window sill, you tell stories about the memories
and you laugh and you cry. But you keep on living.

Hmmm. This isn't looking quite right when I try to go from html edit back to compose. I'm going to keep going and hope for the best.

I went to the coop to buy berries for the trifle. It was pretty quiet there this afternoon which is nice since I have a low tolerance for crowds. I like to buy organic berries but they're more expensive. I like to buy meat there, too, especially since seeing Food, Inc. Don't watch that movie if you don't want to change the way you eat.

I picked up sticks from the birch tree this morning. It was so cold I had to come in before I was done but holy crap, there are a lot of sticks. I think this tree sheds some sticks every spring but with the high winds of the last week, they all came down at once. The city will come around this week and pick up any yard waste that you've piled up along the curb so we don't have to pack them in the trunk and haul them to the compost site.

I had a couple copies of my guest column in my purse last night so when the guys on geezer's row at Patrick's said they had read it but missed the last three paragraphs, ta da...I could supply them. Regis thinks I'm shameless and I probably am.

Just an observation on robins. When I was driving to the Pulse this morning, I noticed that they run back and forth on their tiny legs to cross the street. What's up with that? Wouldn't it be safer and faster to fly? I wonder if the eggs they're making are weighing them down because they don's seem to run so much later in the summer. I googled this but had no luck coming up with an answer.

A man joined us at our table last night and before he even said hello or took off his jacket, he launched into a joke. Then another joke. Then another joke. What the hell. I have a low tolerance for jokes. I can enjoy one now and then, but I think there just could be more to social intercourse than constant Little Johnny jokes. Arrghghghg. I had to get up and scope out another place to sit. Anybody else feel like this or am I the crazy one?

I have a new recipe for a thin crust pizza I'm trying out tonight.

Update on the menu for this evening. Decided to go with fresh pico de gallo and a guacamole dip instead of pizza. Might bake some nachos, too. We should have some company for this meal.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

rainy thursday

We had a grand time last night. We went to the Donahower House for a Firefly Theater performance. Our neighbor Mike brings in comedians from around the country and last night we saw Paul Strickland. Very funny guy who is more storyteller than one-line comic. When I complimented him on three exquisite lines in one of his stories, he actually went upstairs and brought back his "script" of the show so I could find them.

Patrick's served wine and margaritas and tacos. I sat in an antique chair that looked like a throne. The minutes I spotted it, I knew it was mine. We met so many nice people during the evening...a woman who helped me with our medical insurance dilemma, a young man who details cars, and a wood floor guy who wants Regis to help with his website. It was a bonanza, I tell you.

We stopped at Patrick's on the way home because there was a nice bus parked in front and I had the notion it might be Willie Nelson's bus. It was not Willie Nelson, but a busload of drunken nursing students who are graduating. They were cutting a rug, believe me.

Because we were gone on Cinco de Mayo, I made a Mexican dip tonight for dinner. The men at the table pronounced it delicious and devoured most of it. I like it when my cooking is appreciated.

There's a poetry slam tonight that I would really like to attend but I've been gone two nights in a row and I think that's my limit.

I worked hard today helping teachers fight their way through the blizzard of paperwork required to provide special education. It's a good thing we get rich doing this because otherwise these nice people would find another way to make a living.

It's been cold this week and I've had to dig out the sweaters again. Three layers today. Man, some sun would be nice.

Happy Friday tomorrow! But WTF is up with the 45 degrees?????

Sunday, May 02, 2010

a case for celebrating

Regis and I left the house about 2:00 yesterday and made a road trip west. We made our way (no thanks to the GPS) to Morgan Creek where they were celebrating the start of the wine season. Even though it was cool and windy, by the time we got into the ravine and sat in the shelter of the main building, it was beautiful and we enjoyed the setting. Ben Marti played some accordion, there was a fire in the pit, we had some good wine with friends, and we had some laughs. All good for the senses.

Note re: the pictures. They were giving away the straw hats with a purchase. Good thing they didn't award a hat for each glass of wine. Ha!

Next stop was the Grand Kabaret in New Ulm. Lovely place with some bad music. It might have been good jazz but it wasn't my style and resonated more like elevator music which starts to feel like a pin in the eye after a while. Note that this might be my unsophisticated taste in music and have nothing to do with the actual quality of the music. The food was great. Regis and Ron had morel mushroom soup and we ordered a cheese plate, a bowl of olives, and a German plate with cheese sausage. It was a perfect meal.

Next stop was George's Fine Steaks and Spirits in New Ulm. We had spirits but will go back for a fine steak in the future. It was a friendly place. We met George and sat by Bob at the bar who told us about the merits of New Ulm.

At the end of the night, we agreed that we feel lucky that we don't feel compelled to get up on a beautiful, sunny May 1st Saturday and start weed whacking or washing windows. There is not enough time in life to enjoy a holiday like yesterday. We're making plans already to repeat this trip. It was a feast from start to finish.