Monday, April 26, 2010

random moments

Regis went shopping for groceries this morning as he does most Monday mornings. When he got home, he sent this message:

The Secretary General of the United Nations just called. They did a quick webcam survey of our refrigerated food stocks and has concluded that:
  1. We have enough food to feed an entire Vietnamese village for 3 weeks.
  2.  In the event of Nuclear war and we were cut off we would have enough stuff to live comfortable for 16 weeks; 4 if Peter is here.
  3.  The Saint Peter food shelf could supply the needy for 90 days.
All-in-all somewhat disturbing in a family where the kid is only around sporadically, the wife doesn't eat, and the old man is trying to lose weight.  

We had pizza from the Cheese Shoppe in LeSueur last night. Tiffany, Elliot, and I drove over there yesterday afternoon. Elliot had his first experience with an automatic door and he was fascinated. He must have gone in and out a hundred times while we waited for the pizza to be constructed.

Here he is making his funny squinty-eyed face. I laugh when he does it so consequently, every time I point the camera at him, he does it. Babies are so predictable. And so cute.

Am I the only one on the planet who is frequently overwhelmed with things I have left undone? Birthdays I have missed? Sympathy cards I should have sent? Friends I should have called?

I felt great all day because for the first time in weeks, my shoulders don't hurt. I worked out with Rachel this morning and she took it easy on my upper body but showed me some stretching exercises. Oh man. Right away they felt better. When I ran, I heard a click click click like someone finally pushed them into the right spots. What a relief.

Hey, that Cheese Shoppe has a wide array of great cheese but also lots of interesting snack things like chipotle sweet potato crackers. It's worth a trip over there especially if you have out-of-town company. Schmidt's Meat Market in one direction and the Cheese Shoppe in the other.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect chicken nugget since Patrick's had what they called boneless wings last fall. I loved them because they were nice chunks of white meat with a very light breading. Then they stopped carrying them. I've tried and tried to make something like it and finally stumbled onto a recipe that works...parmesan chicken nuggets. The chunks of breast meat are rolled in egg, dipped in bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, and drizzled with butter. They're roasted at 450 for 15 minutes. Delicious.

I'm ready to go to bed and it's only 7:15. I hate going to bed when it's light out although I do it frequently in the summer. Last night I went to bed at 7 but I did make it through the Creative Nonfiction journal before I conked out and went to sleep.

Mom's friend Ione had surgery a week ago, then developed a very scary pulmonary embolism. She was helicoptered to Sioux Falls on Sunday. I called mom today and Ione is out of ICU and doing much better. So glad to hear it.

Bad week on Minnesota roads for teenagers, too. I don't watch the news and this is why. You always hear stuff you wish you hadn't heard. Tell your kids not to drink and drive, not to text and drive, not to fool around and drive. Sad and scary and tragic for their families.

Well, there you go. My thoughts for the day. On to another week...the last one of April.

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