Friday, April 02, 2010

more spring

I went to the garden center today. Just as I drove down the street, a big ass wind came up and blew dirt all over the place and brought in a ton of hard rain. It wasn't a good day to shop the outside plants but I had a good time looking at the indoor plants...that will eventually go outside. I love that place and think, if it weren't for the mice, I could live there.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning so it's been a nice long day and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of a vacation day. I went to the Pulse early and did my fast 30 minute run/walk. I'm just getting back on the horse after suffering with strep for a week so that's all I did. Tomorrow I'll add weights and then I should be back to business as usual by Monday.
Regis and did our errands early. We were out of the HyVee before it was light this morning, then went to Perkins for a little breakfast. I remembered a few things I wanted at Target...a strainer since Ella used the old one I had as a hair brush last weekend. It was time to replace it anyway so it was no big loss. I bought some spring candles, a few pieces of summer clothing, and some pot holders. It's amazing what a guy needs when he sees it at Target.

That's a viola in the picture. It was my free seasonal gift for having a softball coupon. I wanted to buy pansies but with the rain and wind, I decided there were better days ahead for that.

I think the Howard Fritsch Memorial Rosemary tree can go outside soon. There are daffodils blooming in the garden today. I love spring.

I bought an Easter egg coloring kit. I tried to interest Regis, then Peter, in helping me color eggs to no avail. I like to color eggs but I'm a mixing colors. This is from years of coloring eggs with four brothers who dipped their eggs in one color after another until they were all brown. I looked up the directions for boiling eggs online (I know...) and the safety precautions almost turn you off to doing it. Holy crap. I think we left ours on the table for a week when I was a kid. Didn't we, Mom? Maybe Ella can come and decorate eggs with her Nana.


annie said...

Did you by chance visit That's a fun website. I don't blame you for looking up the instructions online - there are just some days where you can't remember how to boil an egg. And that's why we have the internet!

Jill said...

Gees,when I was a kid our eggs were always sitting out for admiration and tossing around until they cracked. I don't know if kids were tougher back then, if there were fewer known diseases to cause health horrors, or if we got sick and didn't know what to blame it on.